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Hey guys, I am looking for a PHA-1 or any amp that is compatible with the digital out from my iPhone 5. Preferred under $250     Thanks!
Hey guys, looking for a pair of M100s.   Thanks!
Hey guys, looking for an AK100. Prefer a MK2 or a modded one. Let me know what you got, and how much you're asking. Thanks
What case is this?
Yes I have tried, the stock cable does not cut out at all.
Hey guys, so I got tired of using the thicker stock cable for my SE215s, and I ordered a Fiio RC-SE1 hoping it would be thinner and more manageable.   The cable is thinner, and I like that about it, but the left earpiece will cut out when I move my head, so I am going to have to return it.   Anyways, I am considering just purchasing another RC-SE1, but I want to consider other options before I do.     What recommendations do you guys have?
Very nice pic! What cable is that?
Hey guys, I am looking for a pair of SE215s or something similar that has a removable cable. I might be willing to go up in price a bit depending!   Thanks,
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