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Hey guys, I've got a Somy PHA-1 for sale or trade. I recently switched to an Android phone, and want to try something new. So I am looking to either sell, or trade for a new amp, dap, and I am also interested In a PS4 or Xbox One Thanks for looking!
Hey guys. Looking for a premium pair of DT990s or DT880s.
Hey guys, I am looking for a Lightning to USB cable to use for my iPhone 5 and PHA-1. Do you guys have any recommendations? 
Hey guys I am mainly looking for a pair of HE-400s, but will consider others that are somewhat similar sounding! Thanks,
Hey guys, I am looking for an AK100! Let me know what you got! Thanks,
Hey guys, is there a general consensus in this thread as to which android phone has the best headphone out? Also, how would that compare to the new iPhone 6's headphone out?
Got a Zotac GTX 670 if interested.
Hey guys, I am looking for a PHA-1 or any amp that is compatible with the digital out from my iPhone 5. Preferred under $250     Thanks!
Hey guys, looking for a pair of M100s.   Thanks!
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