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My first experience with FLAC files, or any sort of lossless files    
Hey guys, do you think it is worth it to get an AK100 over a DX90?
Hey guys, I am looking for any of the players listed in the title. Let me know what you got, and I'll make you an offer! Thanks for looking!
What would you guys say about the DX90 compared to the DX100?
Hmm wow 30%? That's crazy. The main advantage of the DX100 over the other DAPs is the size of the amp, correct? The larger amp is able to drive more demanding headphones, and make others sound more "full", right? But even with an IEM that is easy to drive, the DX100 still trumps the Clip by quite a bit?
Well thanks guys! Would anyone be able to tell me how much of an improvement I'll have from my Sansa Clip? Particularly with IEMs!
ThaThanks for the reply.So you think it'd be worth the extra $ for the DX100?
Hey guys! I am wondering if anyone can explain to me how the DX50 stacks up to the DX100. Say if I can get a DX100 for $200 more than a DX50, is it worth it in your opinion? Thanks!
Well thank you for your help and advice, I really appreciate it. As far as UI, can you say anything about that? I've heard that the Studio is kind of hard to use, while the DX100 can be a bit buggy at times.
That's the thing, my friend has a pair of UM3Xs that I also like, so I am not sure what I like the most. I can definitely tell the difference between the two IEMs, the vocals from the UM3x are extremely clear.
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