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Hey guys, I have a white iPhone 5 and a Sony PHA-1 for sale.    The iPhone has been pretty heavily used, and is not in the best condition, but it is still fully functional. The battery is not the best either, but if you are using it in airplane mode, it helps!   The PHA-1 is is phenomenal condition, and has not been used as much as it should have been. I bought it on these forums a few months back.   I recently got a Nexus 6 to replace my iPhone, so I am looking to...
Hey guys, I've got a Somy PHA-1 for sale or trade. I recently switched to an Android phone, and want to try something new. So I am looking to either sell, or trade for a new amp, dap, and I am also interested In a PS4 or Xbox One Thanks for looking!
Hey guys. Looking for a premium pair of DT990s or DT880s.
Hey guys, I am looking for a Lightning to USB cable to use for my iPhone 5 and PHA-1. Do you guys have any recommendations? 
Hey guys I am mainly looking for a pair of HE-400s, but will consider others that are somewhat similar sounding! Thanks,
Hey guys, I am looking for an AK100! Let me know what you got! Thanks,
Hey guys, is there a general consensus in this thread as to which android phone has the best headphone out? Also, how would that compare to the new iPhone 6's headphone out?
Got a Zotac GTX 670 if interested.
Hey guys, I am looking for a PHA-1 or any amp that is compatible with the digital out from my iPhone 5. Preferred under $250     Thanks!
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