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"...the closest thing contemporary jazz fans had to Billie Holiday".   That about sums it up. RIP
X, sorry its a day late, hope you have a great year ahead and wish you all the best for your future plans, hopefully with good music to make the journey even better and "ayoba".       All the best
Sviatoslav Richter. F. Schubert. Piano Sonatas No. 19 in S minor, Op. posth. (D. 958), No. 21 in V flat major, Op. posth. (D. 960)
Hard to choose, but I'll give the underappreciated Hank Jones my vote.
300B Comparison Review This review of a few 300B tubes might be useful to you.
Quote: Originally Posted by JazzVinyl Good tenor players are a dime a dozen. Good alto players can make ya CRY!! Glad no one is playing the "squeaky toy" (Soprano). ... Its the player and their musical sensibilities that renders emotion, not the inherent timbre of the instrument, no? There's plenty of Gibson L-5 players, but only one Wes Montgomery. Squeaky toy? Different mouthpieces and reeds can alter the tone. Marsalis on soprano can sound...
This chart from tubeworld is quite useful
Great scholar and a great book. RIP
Quote: Originally Posted by tru blu Eric Clapton got just about all his sh-t from Robert Johnson. Start with King of the Delta Blues Singers. Another good place to start are the two volumes of Chess Blues Classics. Last thing: Elmore James - Shake Your Moneymaker: The Best of the Fire Sessions x2 Jimmy Dawkins is quite an easy introduction to more blues, good sounding new recordings. A great album from Willie...
Sorry, but I dont see how a manufacturer's offering different options (6, 6 PDPS, 6 SE) and component upgrades to the customer is a form of dishonesty or creating illusions. In fact, I see it as a plus and a value-added service. Each has been reviewed and compared at meets, and there are notable differences between them if you read the listening impressions. Check ichinichi's and takezo's comments upon doing the cap upgrades on their WA6 and Orcin's review on the stock WA6...
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