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Posted my small review here:
Let me also post my small review of the BA-100: This is my first review, so please, keep it in mind while reading it :) Overall impression: Great product, high quality production from good materials and great sound with large stage and crisp clear highs and some smaller in bass and mid-bass. I am using it with my desktop PC sound blaster card and with smartphone for music and audio books listening. I am a bass and hard rock lover so may be - for people that mostly...
Subscribed! Nice series!!!
Got mine also few days ago. Will post my review soon. 
I would go to compare them with my Sony MDR 7550 headphones.
I would be great to compare this new hybrid beasts pair with my old zoo :)
I want to add a bug I found recently - please need someone to confirm it. When gapless playback is ON , it is still about a half second gap between tracks.. Just tried to listen the Pink Floyd's Dark Side of The Moon in flacs and was unpleasantly surprised with  such found.
Can't find anything on their website? Do you have a link?
  I am using the player about a week or so and I haven't observed any significant warming up of it. 
  That is why I've ordered MDR-1R. Thank you for your comments. Will do!
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