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Which Grado's are those for? I've seen a couple of models and knockoffs looking around but that looks pretty good.
What about solder?
How do you guys get the protective plate off? I see three small clips and one large one.  I started putting pressure on one of the smaller ones but the blue plastic housing discolored in that spot so I stopped to avoid breaking it.
Hello.  New to the forums as well as the concept in general.  I've got some Portapros with some rather worn cabling, and I'd like to play around with improvements while I'm at it.  I've got a cheap iron, but I don't know what else I might need, where to get it, or where to start. I assume it's more complicated than just soldering one cable in one spot.
Oh? It's not something I have to wire in? Neat.
I registered just to post in this thread, so this is all your faults. Been using my porta pros for a while when I misplaced them yesterday. There are two places for me to check before I buy a replacement tomorrow, but in the meantime, I'm keen on the mods that can be out the cabling and pads. Where do you find the custom pads? Cannibalizing seems to be the way of the leather, while the foam replacements are commonly sold. New cabling I have no clue about. The 75 ohm...
Tell me about it.  I just lost my Porta Pros.  Again.  
I came away from ST: Into Darkness the same way I felt after Spider-man 3.  Mainly being that it was very clear someone had a story they wanted to tell and that someone with control over the money came down with a content mandate that certain plot elements be added, namely the Wrath of Khan tie-ins and (mirrored) parallels.  Also Cumberbatch's Khan was wasted, both in terms of the misuse of the quality character actor and in the misuse of the actor himself.
Also new. Hello. Strictly amateur, curious, and I keep losing/breaking things.
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