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Hi Gintaras, sorry for my accusation but.. I don't think that my 1+2 is not worthed, i love it too and i know it's worthed if i not love it of course i will sell it, but the technicality of 1+2 is the best even better than my togo334 I love it like you do but you can't forgot that sometimes we need fun sounding iem too like ASG-2 which is not do anything as 'right' as 1+2 Just my own opinion :D
For what? I love the other too, It's just the ASG-2 bring me much more happiness Have you tried ASG-2 yourself ? I guess you really like the 1+2 But how about the other? You just can't make the other love your stuff That's why there are head-fi so people can choose which one suit his/her preference
Well i'm more than happy with my ASG-2 , i also own the 1 plus 2 and ToGo 334 , all that i can say is ASG-2 definetely much more fun sounding iem and i like it better than the other two
Glad to hear that you like the sxc, of course there must be much improvement from the 'stock' cable
AK 120 with Intruder + alo sxc = heaven SQ Very nice recommendation Mr.Rudi
Try with better DAP
Sony MDR-1R (closed) Senheiser HD600 (open)
Of course it can
Looks more comfortable than before
334 ToGo
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