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I don't own either of them yet but I plan to get one of the two soon for mainly gaming & some music :)(cant seem to make up my mind....the budget is around 80$)
Really awesome & helpful thread Is it possible to also review the HD518 & K240 sometime in the future?
I am running a little low on money So the superlux HD evo are better than the HD518 for gaming?I thought the HD518 would be closer to the HD558/598 as they share the same driver
Hi How good are the HD518 for gaming? are the HD 558/598 significantly better for gaming? Also How do the HD518 compare to k240 & dt990 for gaming? Thanks
 From what i could understand the graph means that if the soundcard cant drive a headphone with around 250Ohm ,the hd558 will loose some bass at the 100hz region.(not sure though...i could be totally wrong :P)
thank you for the reply :)but doesn't the impedance of the hd558 go upto 250+ at some frequencies?[]=2861&scale=30
If i get the Asus Xonar DG (PCI) do you think i can drive the HD 558,I have also been considering the HD 558 since the current price (130$)looks very attractive. Do you think these will be a better choice for the type of music i listen to?
I will be using my pc or my smartphone(Galaxy Nexus) as the source.I don't have an amp (I guess I could get an amp if I can get headphones+amp for around 100$).
Hi guys, I listen mostly to stuff like pink floyd,led zepplin,porcupine tree & i would like to know which headphones you recommend for around 100$. Some of the stuff i have been considering are: UE 6000 (heavy??) ATH m50 AKG k240 Are there other better alternatives for 100$? Thanks for your suggestions  
Hello ljokerl   I was wondering how the soundmagic e10,philips she3580 & jvc ha fx 40 compare for rock/metal music? Which do you think would be better? this will be for a friend who is a metal drummer (he owned a e10 previously which he seemed to like but the cables broke so he is looking for a replacement). Also do you have any other suggestions below the price of 35$?
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