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  The LME49990 costs $5, time-to-get-real-son.     I use a $1 coax cable from my CD player to my LME49990 x5 DAC.  You a trippin'.
  Translation "There is no CD or DVD player using LME49990, I simply like talking."
Okay, I'll try to compile a review soon.
That's the Weiliang.     I have one of his AK4399's.
That's the Weiliang.     I have one of his AK4399 DAC's with dual R-core.  You can find them on ebay as well.
Triple dynamic!!
Good point BenF.   A Russian site measured that Audio-gd unit and the measurements didn't look very convicning.  Thanks for reminding me, I'll put that in my review!   When I say "DIY", I mean expert DIYers make them, in their lab, my sub-200 unit came fully assembled, I just turned it on and bliss. =)
  Yeah well, you're wrong.     That all changed, on the 19th of June =) /   Time to spam their company email about iHazzo DX75. =)
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