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I am new to all of this headphone stuff but I think I'm going to start getting into them more.  Maybe this summer after I buy my first pair of headphones I will get the 80's.  The only reason that I don't buy them now is because at the moment I am looking for Over ear.  Do you have the Grado SR-80i's Or just the 80's?  What is the difference and which is better?  Thanks!
I have these really crappy Sony headphones that I regret buying.
My friends that have or want these won't stop talking about them!  I'm not against Beats or anything I just think they are WAY WAY WAY over priced for their quality.  I try to tell my friends that you can get a WAY better pair of headphones for half the price.  They do not listen though.  They are all addicted lol.  When I first wanted headphones I wanted Beats.  Then I found out that they are not good for the price and that Senns and other brands are much better.  I do...
I tried these at the store today and they are very good sounding and are pretty good for metal.  Very comfortable too.
Hahaha laughed while I read this post.  Thanks for the advice and I will try it!  I live on USA border so I don't get things shipped to Canada so i guess I'm lucky in that way.  The nearest major city for me is probably Detroit Michigan which is still 6 hours away.  I guess I'm just going to have to take the chance and buy online judging on reviews.  Cheers!
Thanks.  I am actually not even a fan of rap but I only have  a few songs.  I don't know why I put it on the list.  And I'm not a basshead.  One question, If I were to listen to music with lots of acoustic guitar in it would I be able to hear the acoustics really well and clearly?
The Audio-Technica ATH M50's look really nice.  Anyone else think they are good?
I guess nobody knows where I can buy them.
Thanks! I looked at those headphones on google images and they look pretty good!  As I mentioned in the first post I put in this thread, I wanted to get the Sennheiser HD 449's.  Well today I finally got to try them out at The Source and they were pretty good.  The only thing I didn't like about them is that they were not as comfortable as I thought they would be.  Overall I think they had pretty good sound, but it wasnt the kind of sound I was looking for.  It had more...
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