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HHmmm that is really bizarre considering the way they're usually packaged with the outer sleeve over the otterbox and the instructions that everyone who reviews the iems says are really funny.That's a shame, I wonder why such a change in packaging. Perhaps it has something to do with a shortage in materials from a supplier? I notice they're not selling the small otterbox on the website anymore either, just the large one. Strange indeed.Steve
Thanks! That looks really nice actually. Did you have the same experience as another member here who said they just tossed it in a UPS shipping box and it was scratched?
A torrent of the CD can be found here:   The CD is in FLAC and you need a client such as utorrent to download it. There is no tagging of the tracks, they're just listed "track 01, track 02" and so on, but a list of the tracks can be found on page 4 of this thread.   Not sure about the legality of torrents, hope this doesn't warrant a ban or anything...just trying to help. 
That's quite disheartening, I was really looking forward to that otterbox. My Sansa Clip and Fiio E17 would have fit nicely in there. Suppose I could always buy it off the website
Wait, they're not using the OtterBox cases anymore? I just placed my order a week ago and they've received my impressions so I'm waiting however I didn't know they stopped using the otterbox. What are they using now? Could you show a picture of how you received yours?
The release date 10/5/13 is the date of my present to myself??? :-)
Most of the music I listen to are FLAC files, are these decent quality? What would a DAC do for me when playing these types of files. In fact I use a Mac so they're "apple lossless files," they have their own encoding. I understand he Jh5s don't require a lot of power to drive them so does that mean whichever small amp is used will make them sound better? I need to spend some time in the headphone amp forum while I'm waiting a month for my JH5s.
  I've seen some positive reviews of this as well, its combination DAC and amp correct? What do you think about the Electric Avenues PA2V2 and the HRT HeadStreamer? The HeadStreamer is a combination DAC and AMP as well. I've seen a lot of positive reviews as well, in fact it's rated #1 in portable amps on Head-Fi.    Steve
Hello All! After reading all 66 pages of this thread and trolling around for a while researching I finally ordered my JH5's today! I just happened to check out the Facebook page and saw the 15% memorial day sale and thought it was way too good to pass up. Came out to $365 with overnight shipping. I think that's a great deal, especially with all the positive things that have been said about these ears. I'm not much of an audiophile and admittedly the best pair of...
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