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Hello everyone,   Does anyone know where I can buy IE8's? I've searched around a bunch and I'm not sure what I'm looking at because the prices seem to be all over the place. I've also read that there are fakes going around too. I understand they're discontinued so I'm assume I'd have to get them from eBay or something but I'm worried about doing that with all the fakes. Any suggestions?    Thanks, Steve
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Alright I think that is my best bet, to constant Jh Audio and see if they can help from here. Thank you everyone for your help. Steve
Hey, thanks for the response:   I've listened through my MacBook pro both with and without the E17 and with the Clip Zip both with and without the E17 and I hear it. It isn't something separate from the music, if there is silence in the song then there will be silence in the phones. It's almost like a reverberation. The gain is set on 0 and sometimes I can get rid of it when i play with a certain combination of volumes between the E17 and the source component. Is...
Hello all, I tried finding a solution to this elsewhere but wasn't able to find much information. I'm using jh5 pros with a Fiio E17, all the eq settings are default and i'm hearing a static or rattling sound in most of my music. I get this without the E17 as well, if I were to just listen straight from my Clip Zip playing FLAC music. It is difficult for me to describe exactly what it sounds like, but static/rattling is the best i've come up with. I don't hear it on...
Jh 5 Pro, Fiio E17 Not pictured is the Sansa Clip+ 👍
Here they are! Arrived about a week ago. I'm loving them, they're by far the best headphones I've ever listened to. I've been using them with my Fiio E17 and Clip+ with FLAC audio. I'm not very good at describing audio nuances and the only issue I was having was this fuzzy sound, I think it was in the highs, not mids or lows. The only way I could describe it was "blown out," like the way a photo is overexposed and the image is said to have been blown out. I found that I...
Been a month so far, still waiting to receive my ears. Guess the audiologist was right, JH Audio is currently 6 - 8 weeks out. 
TThanks for the tip! What about when playing files from my MacBook Pro? I understand the headphone jack isn't the best off of these laptops. Would the DAC/AMP combo of the E17 be to my advantage? Or do you still think its overkill?Steve
YI agree the branding on the new aluminum case does look very nice and a bit more...together? Not sure the word that I'm looking for there but had I not known it came with an otterbox case, I would have assumed it came with something like the aluminum case it currently comes with.I'm playing the waiting game now, been over a week since they received my impressions. The audiologist I went to is an authorized dealer and she said she spoke with JH Audio earlier that week and...
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