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HAHA tears of joy!......or not    Yes the JH5's were still in the refit timeframe. I started noticing the problem immediately but it took me about a week and a half before I sent them out. I'm not sure what it is, I'm not very good at describing the sound signatures of headphones. One thing is that I think I enjoy the music more with the Westones. I've heard people say that the Westones are neutral and because of that the phones wouldn't get your feet tapping and make you...
  Just an update: I sent them away to JH Audio and asked them to take a look at the right side and see if there is a driver loose or something. I got them back yesterday after about 2 and a half weeks and the rattle is gone! I'm not sure what they did because in true JH Audio fashion, there was very little communication, none actually. I just tracked the package to make sure it arrived and then one day got an email with a tracking number when they were being returned. I...
There was some talk about our rigs looking a bit like bombs to the untrained eye.....I think this rig would definitely give you problems with the TSA at the airport  Looks awesome though man.
One of my favorites! I have the 180g vinyl and it sounds like butter.
Hello All,   When I first came on Head-Fi it was to do research for CIEMs. I received JH|5 Pros and I purchased a Fiio E17 as well. About two or three weeks later I just purchased Westone 4Rs. I did this because when I received the JH|5s there seems to be a driver loose or something. Considering how long it took to receive them, that there's just one person (Caleb) repairing them and the fact that they're backed up from being on vacation, I figured I would need some...
    Black Sabbath - God Is Dead?  
You know you can lower the bass response on the earpieces themselves, there's a small dial there. Steve
Loving the porn music bro, that's a sweet looking rig, I bet it sounds luscious. Is that a balanced LOD? Do you hear the difference with IEMs?Steve**EDIT** After watching the video again that's not a balanced LOD at all right? The AlgoRhythm Solo just has the USB there instead?
PM Sent   To be honest, I have a pair of JH|5 Pros. The right monitor has a driver loose and I need to send them back for repairs. I'm anticipating this is going to take a very long time because they told me they only have one guy (Caleb) that does the repairs and they're already backed up from the holiday weekend. In the interim I wanted a good pair of headphones to use, however I didn't want to spend as much as the IE80s. In my ignorance of the pricing, I thought the...
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