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 When I am at the gym, I want to not only hear the music but want to feel it vibrate my kidneys and my LP's do that with ease regardless of the genre of music I am listening to ( I am big into this track right now:  Stefan Biniak - The Read All About It Bootleg ).  Secondly they are extremely comfortable, whether I am at the gym for an hour or 2 hours, no comfort issues.  And lastly, I tend to see anywhere from 3 to 4 or more people I know at the gym everytime I am there....
edit - deleted post as I tried to reply elsewhere and it didn't work.  Sorry
Nice review, beautiful set of headphones.  Love the ear cups.  
Thank you for the reply Acix.   Now that you post the link to your review, I do recall reading it.  I will consider this as an option, but will wait to hear back from Thomas first when he gets back in early next week.
Good day fellas, my first post here so be gentle with me.  I am definitely no a music connoiseur, and have a very limited knowledge on headphones.   So after weeks upon weeks of reading and searching for the 'right' pair of headphones for me, I finally decided on the German Maestro GMP 8.35 D with short cable.  I was wanting something with a short cable, over ears and with a good sprinkling of low end as I would be wearing these for the gym.  So with what I had in...
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