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Anyone else have both of them? Which is better? I have both and I often switch between the two, but my ears aren't as keen as some of the people on this forum. So I'm wondering what you like and dislike about both.   It seems to me like the Magni is more bright than the Vali.
Well I bit the bullet and ordered a Schiit Vali since they're giving me a refund on the magni.   Cheers... Here's to mental integrity and many hours of gaming/music listening.
Do you experience anything at all with your magni? Static noise in the right ear cup, or sound when you move the volume pot at all? Honestly I kind of like the Vali... If I can be guaranteed that it will work properly I would order one.
They are stacked and yes I have the rubber feet :)
My setup is kind of near the same area as my wireless router but even after I've moved my setup to another location in the house and unplugged the router I still get the interference/noise
I'll just send him an email saying I've tried everything and sent the unit away three times and I still have the noise. I'll tell him I just want to be get rid of the ******* wretched noise, even if I have to buy new gear. I just want it gone
Last time I sent it away they said that they replaced the main board inside the magni
I tried it in a DVD player and the noise was a lot louder. Only in the right ear cup though.   Oh my god this is rustling my jimmies
I'll check around my house to see if there's anything that I can plug into that isn't a computer source.
I've reversed the channels from my source and the sound remains in the right ear cup, I'm pretty sure the source is not the problem.
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