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So my VSD1's arrive today.  They sound awesome!  However, I've noticed that they're angled differently.  The left is angled upwards and the right is angled downwards.  I thought they'd swivel within their housing but they seem fixed.   Can anyone help me with this please?
I've decided on the VSD1 then.  I'll order from Lendmeurears just as soon as they restock (15th June). I will update the thread when I receive them.   Thanks very much jant, much appreciated.   If you could rep peeps on this site, I wouldn't hesitate!   Peace out!
Thanks a bunch mate, I think I'll hold out for the VSD1S. Just to add, I predominately listen to rock music, do you still think the VSD1S is the right choice?
Also, would you recommend the GR06's over the AM-800's?
£28??  Sounds a bit too good to be true.  Are they genuine?  What is Lendmeurears' customer service like?  i.e. Do they stick to their return policies?   Thanks for replying btw.
Anyone know where I can order a pair of Astrotec AM-800's in the UK?   I realise that MP4Nation ship them but reading anecdotal reviews of their customer service/delivery, frankly, I want to avoid that hassle.      Any help or guidance appreciated.        Cheers. 
Thanks for you reply justblue.  The AM-800's look awesome.     Does anyone know where I can get these in the UK?   MP4Nation do them but there's thousands of horror stories with their customer service.
Howdy peeps,     Recently returned a pair of M2's due to build quality issues.   Amazon refunded the money paid and so I decided to look for possible alternative and I've come down to the following two.   Anyone had experience with both these sets of IEM who can give me a quick pro's and con's or something?   Musical preferences are most Rock genres including Heavy and Stoner rock.  I listen to Hardstyle very occasionally in the gym.  Also, Post-rock calmer...
I think I'll wait for the new X3 to come out.  Would any micro SDXC card work for that?  i.e 128gb (which should be coming out this year I believe).  Also, how much are the X3's expected to cost in the UK upon release?   Thanks.
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