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May I ask where you guys get the muses01 amps from any links would be helpful thanks.
Awesome thanks for the news I'll take a look..
Very cool indeed awesome work man.
This is really awesome to  see so many people liking the E1 muses edition and even liking it better then the HDVD 800. I've been putting off getting one for a time now just to see what others think of this dac hopefully this xmas I'll be joining you guys in owning one.
Great thread guys thanks for the links.
Have you looked here they offer a list of online distributors .
I never heard of using the rca like that interesting. I use the balanced xlr out's for my powered adam audio speakers works really well.
A bump . . .
Does anyone else have any  recommendations please thanks..
Hello guys I have a question to ask, I own a pair of Adam Audio S3X-H & the Sub 10 MK2 monitors all are powered speakers. I have been looking at the Woo Audio WA5 for my headphone amp. Would the WA5 also work with the Adam's since they are all powered speakers. The output on the WA5 for speakers is 10 watts not sure if that is too much power. Thanks for any info and sorry if this is the wrong forum to post this in.
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