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 I'll be trying this next looks cool the 6bl7's are very nice sounding..
Great idea starting this thread, just got a pair of tung sol's wow i'm really enjoying the sound very pleased with finding such an excellent sounding tube for little $$, however these tube have a little too much gain for my 10 3's (powered speakers) seem to always go back to my mullards for them..Again great thread Enjoy
The rectifier looks like a 5r4gy nice sounding tube mines an amperex not sure what the driver tubes are Russian?
 I went back and listened, I'd agree the flat plates do have better mids, Thanks...Enjoy
Awesome thanks..
I've been listening to a pair of sylvania 6bl7 flat plate just switched to a pair of ge's with the other style plate not sure what it's called, I can't seem to tell much difference in sq in the two. anyone else notice this..
I'd agree the brimar for it's price point will be hard to beat, simply a great sounding tube..Enjoy 
I was comparing the dac 80  to my current dac10 which is miles above the dac 80 and it's a balanced dac that's why I went with it..Enjoy
It amazes me on how good this tube really is. I'm currently comparing it to my favorites the ts 5998's and I'm still undecided but they are very close and I mean very close. Hopefully the 5998's will come on top cuz there cost is well many many times more & I have 3 pair...Enjoy 
I will say I'm really enjoying the 6bl7 very much it has excellent sq..
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