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Very well said, that's the same as I feel..
 I should be getting my adapters so I can run 4 6bl7's sometime next week, interested in seeing how they compare with my ts 5998's in sq which is my current favorite power tube..enjoy  
Is there a better power supply available for the pro from ican, don't like the wall wart, I can't see one on their site, I have not bought this amp yet..thanks & enjoy
Very true good point I like consoles I just sick big time as a gamer with them can't get used to the controller's, too many years with keyboard & mouse..enjoy
It's time to stock up on the really great tubes as I'm doing..before they are so high priced no one can afford them..enjoy
So it's a tube your saying that has happened to many times, currently one of my ts 5998's are doing that same thing too bad for me because they are a pricey tube..enjoy it's a wonderful hobby  
I've just played mine normally with no burn in but I will say this mine do sound better with the hours I've put on them the bass seems deeper a smother, simply awesome hp's..enjoy
you may be right the only thing that I'm aware of storing power is the caps may be someone with more knowledge could chime in..enjoy  
weird never heard something like that not sure..could it be your ears?
I've gotten a balanced cable for my Elear's and have noticed a difference right away with the balanced I get a better and deeper bass, I've listened to the same song with & without balanced I can hear the differences here a good read over at Innerfidelity ->
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