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This companies audio engineers seen to be dead serious about ubs cables -->  I've never spent 400-600 on a cable but I do spend 50-60 on them and noticed a difference right away.. 
Your comments are appreciated I would love to audition one but I live in to remote of a location to do that. I'll keep reading the boards..
 I've looked at that thread no one has made a post in about 5 months, must not be that popular of a dac I guess thanks any way..
I can easily see that the puredac is a beautiful looking piece of gear, does it sound as beautiful as it's looks.. 
I can only say that to my ears the gold harmonix sounded better, others say it made no difference to there ears. It has been many months since I've heard the stock tubes from my WA7d. But I'm going to give my stock tubes a listen and find out all over again.  My gut feeling is groovyd is right about the tubes & my ears are wrong..
You can buy them off the Woo Audio site for 55. matched pair and yes that's what groovyd was talking about..
 Lol good one..
 Lol  true we do get that nice feature for only 45. extra dollars.. 
might be best to use the hi as the 800's have a 300 ohm impedance..
 Glad you mentioned this groovyd  I suspected as much that really sucks for those of us who spent lots more money on the gold plated 6C45 from Woo. It also explains why I was never able to find these tubes anywhere else but from Woo Audio.
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