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How's the quality in sound from the amp section ? really good to hear that this unit can drive even the hard to drive headphones.. 
wow grab that, I really loved my turn tables awesome sound just about as fine as it gets..
I just picked-up these chatham 6080's 1956 vintage at first listen their very nice, as good as my favorite mullard 6080's think I'd really like a few more pairs..    
cool I had one of those  like 45 years ago just a little different looking Lol..
cool nice to hear you've got it, pics would be good..
There are differences ? guess I'd better check one of those out..
I've got 4 of those really nice sounding tubes for the price..
I'll be looking for that also thanks again..
I'm sure it will be fantastic sounding like all woo amps..
Also if you don't mind letting us know when you do post your  InnerFidelity review thanks..
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