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yes I agree it is a big improvement with the tp, speaking as a former owner I now enjoy the wa22..   
 Excellent comment I agree I've been very happy with my Woo..enjoy the music guys.
 Very cool to know this thanks for testing these,can't wait to hear what you have to say after you've gotten more time with them..enjoy
Well all I can say I've owned the dac 10 for over a year now and couldn't be happier with the sq I'm getting just awesome..enjoy
 I do agree with most of what you've said except the part about the wa22 being a lower end head amp, personally I say it's an excellent sounding amp with the right tubes..enjoy
PC only, the  real way to games are played, if one has the right rig that is..enjoy
I'd also agree with joe, I've got an amperex & brimar 5r4gy both are much better then the brimar 5z4gy..enjoy
Thanks dude must be a little blind cuz I remember looking right at your post, cool..
I've been wanting to try this title anyone here have or try the pc version yet, I've read they have big problems with it, just asking..enjoy
Doing very cool dude..Happy Listening..
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