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I use Langrex Tubes an excellent source for my favorite mullards & others..
very cool, congrats on your woo amp..  
 Yes I have 2 pairs each of tung sol's & chatham 6080's I really enjoy them they have a very clean sound along with the mullards these are my favorite 6080's well worth a try..
Thank you joseph69 I already have 4 of them and they are really good, I was only mentioning the 5v4g because it's a really good & inexpensive rectifier that's a whole lot better sounding then the 5r4wgb imo.. 
I have one of those very cool looking tube no doubt have you tried a 5v4g yet it has greater detail I find it a lot better than the 5r4wgb, most of my tubes are not matched either..  
Some Kim Waters smooth jazz..  
 Hello jeb you might also want to consider either the tung sol or the chatham 6080's really nice and of course mullard makes one that's great sounding too..
I haven't tried that one yet but it's on  my list,,
That is a great review makes me even more pleased that I bought the dac10  now thanks..
I decided to go balanced with all my gear and am very happy with the sound, I'll also say woo makes such great sounding  & great looking amps..
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