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Anyone compared the E70 to the CK100Pro?
Pics please
Perfect size for summer when I only have 2 pockets.
Is there a difference in using IEM cables vs headphone cables on a headphone?
I guess it would be Fitear. MusicaAcoustics gave me that price range when I asked about it.
Does it really cost $200-500 to fix the tg334? My left earpiece loses sound when I am on the go. Tried different cables and all were the same.
Can you make a copper color like the Sony Z3?
Looks very well done.   Did you pull the connectors from a headphone/iem?
1) 101,668 2) 102,545 3) 103,989
 Are there any differences between the two? I bought a used TG334 and it turned out to be the original shiny version
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