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What about a thread with normal people wearing customs?
After the pleasant surprise with the Audeze Fazor Tech, I went on to find out more about the Unique Melody 12-driver Maestro (and 5-driver Maverick). So it turns out that the Maestro is actually Kenichi-san's "design". By this he used UM's custom tuning tools (see previous Fujiya May Festival for more info) and got a sound signature with parameters that he liked and asked Unique Melody to build it - the result being the Maestro. The sound isn't final yet and I think...
I actually don't have a subscription. The page just loads for me randomly when I keep refreshing. Might also have to do with reading it at work.It basically talks about it being a niche product and how it sold "well" in Asia and Europe.,2817,2461186,00.asp Another article on it in PC Mag   The ZX1 in yesterday's Wall Street Journal. Gives me hope the next Sony hi-res DAP might get released in the US
Anyone planning on getting the DX90j coming out this Friday?
I guess I must be an illegal immigrant since I don't live in China but I use a multi BA in NY
Too bad since the new ones dont look as good. Kind of hard to go back to plastic after using these titanium
Does Hibino provide their own software or will it use iBasso software?
Just in time since I got a semi-permanent job which can fund the TG335 in ~2 weeks   But will there be a big difference in sound between the universal and custom? Is the universal 334 and custom 334 the same?
 Wouldn't that be bad for the battery?
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