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Hmmm, interesting.   Well, I'm going to try the SA950i in an Apple store within the next few days, but now I'm reconsidering the M-80s.   Thanks for your help!
I was actually planning on getting a pair of M-80's at first, but most of the reviews say that it doesn't isolate all that well, and I would like something that does isolate relatively well (i.e. good enough for bus rides and windy days).  Is there a particular mod I could perform on the M-80's that doesn't effect the sound, but improves the isolation?
Hello, my question seems to have been looked over.   Assistance would be greatly appreciated.
Hi, I'm not terribly experienced in what I prefer sound-wise at the moment, but I think I'd like a sound closer to the first option; just as long as they're not piercing!
Hi, I need some help picking some headphones.   I'm very new to the audio-phile scene so my preferences for sound quality aren't as high as they could be, but I'd like something that sounds decent enough to play what I want it to. Basic wants include: decent isolation, a certain amount of portability and the necessary amount of comfort for multiple hours of listening; a little styling/flair would help to satisfy my "coolness" need, being the teen that I am :D.   I...
Hi everyone, I've been spending the past few months "lurking" on Head-fi trying to pick out some new headphones and decided to make an account so I could actually ask the experts!    I am by no means and audio-phile (yet) and my standards for listening quality aren't the highest due to never actually having had a good pair of headphones to listen to.     I listen to quite a variety of music and want sort of all-rounder headphone to listen to with my 160GB iPod...
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