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The point I'm making is the HD700 makes you jump through various hoops to allow it to sound decent and not have that treble issue, but even at its best conditions, the HD800 has it beat imo, and the HD800 doesn't have these issues with most recordings (its picky amping is another issue altogether).
I've found the best thing to help with the treble spike is better mastered versions of songs. For example, I recently got the HDTRACKS remaster of American Idiot and it has far more dynamic range. Mind you the remastering is different than the original release and has nothing to do with 24 bit flac vs. 320K MP3. So yeah the treble issue is very source dependent on the music file and how it was mastered. Still I'd prefer the HD800 for being more forgiving on the treble in...
Sounds fine on Shure SRH1540 Of course these are like closed back versions of the HD650 with recessed treble.
I bought a vinyl album and it came with a download code for the MP3s. Since I bought it from Amazon, I got the MP3s from Amazon for free, so I'm just going to pass along the code. I guess first person to redeem it gets a free album.  
I'm having myself only listen to the HD700 for a month. There's a lot of bias based on headphones and the sound signature you're used to. Once I get used to the HD700 sound, I'll compare again with the HD800. See y'all in 2015!
I found this to be a problem on certain albums, so it's also a lot to do with the mastering and how accentuated a certain frequency is, and how it plays with the headphones. For example, the Warning album by Green Day had loads of the lower treble issue I find on the HD700. Listen to the song Castaway. There's these cymbals hit on the left driver
At work right now where I don't have the HD800 on hand to compare, so I'll get back to you later tonight. It's most apparent on one of the cymbals in a drum set. I'll try to figure out exactly which one. Here's a video of splash cymbals where it doesn't sound so smooth on the HD700, but I'll have to hear how it is on the HD800 tonight to confirm it's not just a poor recording.
It's definitely only noticeable once you're used to other headphones. My first time around with the HD700 I never noticed the treble issue because they were my first expensive set. But now I did direct comparisons with the HD800 on those blatantly jarring treble parts, and the difference is very apparent. On the HD800 it's smooth and effortless, where on the HD700 it sounds piercing and jarring. Actually reminds me of the same issue I found on the AKG K812
I don't have T90 anymore, but it is much brighter than the Sennheisers. I'm sure because of the elevated treble the T90 seemingly had more details than the HD700. I used to be a details freak, but not so much anymore. I think both HD700 and T90 have quirkiness in their frequency response.
After further listening, it seems that treble issue mentioned is very track dependent so YMMV
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