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Missed the HD800 deal, but probably for the best. Was looking for second pair for work, but not really needed.
@macbob713 Well the silver lining is you got nothing to lose and might as well be the first to invent a balanced mod with ports going into both sides, much like what mrspeakers did with the Alpha Dogs. I sold my pair to pataburd actually, and it's held up well for me and him, so hopefully some are just built better than others. This could be so if each pair is truly hand built, with some people taking greater care when making the headphones than others.
Anyone have a chance to hear the Oppo HA-1 amp/DAC combo? It's only $1200. I'm curious how it stacks against the CMA800R with CAS192 or CMA800i.
HD800 is probably the fastest headphones outside of electrostatics. Of course it's also $1500 and TOTL.
@project86 Do you know if the input impedance of 47K ohms changes when going dual mono? I wonder how well the dual mono setup would work with a tube preamp like the Bottlehead BeePre, seeing how you pretty much need a preamp when going dual mono. Right now I'm using the Bottlehead Smash preamp with my single CMA800R and I find it improves the sound in refinement, imaging, and spacing. Notably less compressed or congested sounding.
Thanks for the explanation Doc! The BeePre is in my sights. I'm thinking of getting a second Questyle CMA800R to go dual monoblock balanced, and with that setup, you need a preamp to control volume because the volume pots on the Questyles in that setup aren't being used. Also need 3-pin XLR out from the preamp to feed this setup, and I believe the BeePre has that. Also that's translation for the rest of you Crack owners on here to go and pick up the Quickie or Smash, or...
The Crack and SEX has input impedances of 100K ohms, whereas the Mainline only has 25K ohms input impedance. Still with a 1.6k ohms output impedance, that ratio isn't terrible with the Mainline. Perhaps less headroom. I'm using it with my Questyle amp that has an input impedance of 47K ohms, and it sounds fine, though I do find I can't turn the volume on the Smash past 60% or distortions start appearing. I do note that headroom for my setup could be better. Right now I...
In my experience, it can do two things. 1. Impart it's own sound signature to the chain. For example the Quickie does this by adding a kick to the lower frequencies. Tubes preamps are especially known to add warmth to the sound. This can be good when pairing with a colder sounding solid state amp. Purist will hate on this though since it deviates from the source. 2. It can clean up the sound. This is done by putting less strain on the DAC by increasing the gain somewhat...
I've found one of the reasons I prefer separate DAC and amp over a combo is the option of adding a tube preamp in the chain to counterbalance the characteristics of solid state amps. Granted my Questyle amp has none of that sterile, cold stereotypes many give to SS amps, and my Bottlehead Smash preamp is probably the most neutral tube amp I've ever heard.
I did. Didn't have a great amp for a low impedance and didn't feel like spending towards one.
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