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I'm bringing my modded AKG K553 and Fostex TH900. I also have Questyle CMA800R and HD800, but others are already bringing those so I won't bother
I thought the 25% off most things at livesoundwave is a great sale, especially for the gear that have strict MSRP pricing. Picked up a TH900 for $980 shipped. When massdrop opened the TH900 drop today at $1100 with $16 shipping in US, I posted about the deal at livesoundwave, and now their stock is backordered lol. Haha you can get $650 off an Ultrasone Edition 5 Unlimited   Don't remember the HD600 too well, but remember it being neutral, which the K553 is as well. Plus you really can't get anything else that good for the price.   Also if you believe in graphs there's the Shure SRH940 (though I've never heard it)
This is still up to date with the date change right?
I hope it's still on. Anyone email John? @jhm3 any updates?
So the doggie treats arrived today. I took out the foam I was using and first tried just a single layer of the provided mesh. It did tune down the treble a bit but it still had issues. Next I tried two layers which now the treble wasn't piercing anymore, but it sounded veiled and not as refined so it was a no go. Next I tried just a single tab covering the middle of each driver and that enough was able to cut out the treble issues, however it seemed to lose the sub bass...
You might want to wait for me to get the Doggie Treats and report back on how much difference it makes, because I felt with the alpha pads alone the treble was too accentuated. Only after I added my own foam did it sound better. Now I want to play around with more foam mods hence doggie treats. I had to pay shipping twice because I didn't order it with the alpha pads. So that became another $5 on a $15 purchase
I honestly bought the alpha pads for comfort as my ears touched the drivers and it got sore after a while, but now I'm much more enamored with the sound differences. To me it's now better than the sennheiser HD700 and beyerdynamic T90. It's at least on par with a well driven HE-500. I once thought it may be paradoxically impossible to have both a nice bass slam and airy treble in the same pair of headphones, but these are showing to have that elusive sound. The only...
It's pretty easy. Just use the little dip as an anchor point. You'll know what I'm talking about when you take the pads off
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