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You can easily rule out whether it's physical ear pad design causing the fatigue by just wearing them without playing any music for a while
Still selling
No trades sorry. I'm just looking to cash out on gear I'm not using
I've had these for about a year, but it never got as much head time as I'd like having the HD800 and HEX as well. I'd estimate 100-150 hours. I've decided to trim myself down to just one TOTL headphone in the HEX, so I'm selling these. Took very good care of it and no scratches or blemishes of any kind. No hinge issues. First owner. Paypal only. If you pay with PayPal gift, I will pay for shipping with insurance, otherwise you provide shipping ($25).
Did you buy more than one? Mine got shipped but I only got one. Maybe getting more than one and if they couldn't fulfill your entire order they cancel
http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_100841_Mystery-Bag-Bonus-Buy.html On sale for $1499
I couldn't help but be reminded of the UE900 when I heard the Nighthawks. Strikingly similar frequency response as well:http://www.innerfidelity.com/images/LogitechUE900.pdfhttp://www.innerfidelity.com/images/AudioQuestNightHawk2015.pdf
I was looking through various headphone spec sheets on innerfidelity (much appreciated @Tyll Hertsens for all the headphone data) and on the distortions graph they take both 90dB and 100dB distortion levels. It seems for most headphones, outside of maybe the lowest frequencies, the 100 dB has lower distortion levels than the 90dB, albeit it's usually more jagged compared to the 90 dB. Anyone know why the higher dB produces lower distortions? I always intuitively thought...
Yeah it was surprising considering the impedance curve is mostly flat. Others agreed to the change in the frequency response. In fact, it was the biggest change I've heard out of the bakoon current mode outside of high impedance sennheisers or beyers that have that huge bump in the impedance in the mid bass. Other than bakoon, I only got to hear it out of my phone and some DAPs. Also compared it to the bakoon voltage output. Those all pretty much sound the same as far as...
I've gotten the opportunity to listen to these at a few meets. They're not my cup of tea with the darker tone and recessed upper mids. However, when I paired it with the current mode out of the bakoon hpa-01m, it actually fixed the recessed upper mids and sounded a lot better to me. Essentially, the bakoon will perform an electrical EQ based on the impedance curve, so that higher impedance peaks get boosted. It worked out for these in making the upper mids clearer and more...
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