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Really? First result $5 cheaper. I'd take open box (returned during return period) over demo any day. I'm not trying to get under anyone's skin, but this thread should be for actual (good or decent) deals. Like earlier this week the $666 for HE-6 demo. Now I'd pay $140 more for that jump.
Not really a deal as people struggle to sell used ones for $450 on the forums here.
Does anyone find there to be a pop through headphones plugged in when powering on the amp? It doesn't sound as strong as some other amps that do it, but it's still there. Do you guys unplug the headphones just to turn it on and then plug it back in?
It makes the HD800 signature much darker through the current output mode. The details are all there but not as in your face due to less treble presence. At first I was a bit thrown off by the sound difference, but after a few more days of listening, I'm beginning to appreciate the darker sound. It's definitely easier on the ears and you could argue more natural in the same way a tube amp adds warmth for the same naturalness. Some initial impressions where I was still a...
I have to say an underrated element to my new Bakoon HPA-01 is the size and portability. It's pretty small and light, and once charged up (internal li-ion batteries) lasts up to 10 hours. I've been charging it at home and then taking it to work everyday, with no need for power cables.
Heh you should have kept it $5XX as a teaser On a different note, I want to hear the HD700 sound again and compare to the HD800 through the Bakoon amp current mode. The HD800 sounds so much darker and has a larger bass presence. I'd imagine it similar to the HD700 sound without the treble issues. In fact, any treble complaints on the HD800 are gone through this amp. Of course, it deviates from the "pure" HD800 sound.
Just threads where mods and tattlers don't sub to  Still I guess he was rather overt about it.
I have to say I like what the HPA-01 current mode does to my Shure SRH1540 more so than the HD800 so far. The Shure has a pretty flat impedance curve as well, and is low impedance and closed-back. The frequency graph is quite similar to the TH900. Perhaps that's why I find it to synergize so well?
About the PM-1?
Probably out of budget for most people here, but I got the Bakoon HPA-01 amp and its current mode output is quite something else with the SRH1540. Even better than through my reference Questyle CMA800R amp. This combo really seem bring out a new dimension to these headphones.
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