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Luxury and Precision L3.  Bought during indiegogo campaign.  Has been used for maybe 50 hours; in like new condition.  Includes blue leather case and original packaging/accessories.  Sound quality is great especially with balanced out.  UI is very simplistic though... check the thread for details.  May be a firmware update on the horizon to correct some of the UI issues.   Selling to free up funds. Looking to recover my costs so 329 +10 + 10 for shipping to you =...
Bought new from another user.  Removed most of the memory wire (1-2cm left equal on both sides still allows for the wire to be directed).  Otherwise has been used 5 or 6 times for less than 10 hours so like new.   Price includes shipping within contUS.  PP add 4% or gift.   PM for pics and Thanks for looking.
Considering getting the m5 instead now.  Would you say its worth an extra 200USD @nmatheis ?  Hardware wise how is the build compared to the m2...  Same scroll wheel and body?   Also does anyone else's m2 make a bunch of clicking noises when being awoken from sleep?  Seems like there is always a 'pop' when the player comes back on to start playing music.
@nmatheis  Thanks, yeah I get that its probably messing with the freq response.  I added a 75ohm resistor in line and the hissing went away... of course i had to kick up the volume a bit but the m2 seems to have that to spare.   But that's why I was asking what you guys are using with the m2 IEM-wise.  If you had any recommendations especially dynamic driver wise.   I do agree mostly with your evaluation of the m2 vs L3.  GUI and form factor is worlds better.  Sound...
Just got my M2 (blame you guys since I was reading this thread while drinking and next thing I know amazon is e-mailing me an order confirmation) and its not playing nice with my 64ears u10s... Constant hiss regardless of volume even on low gain. So I'm on the fence of returning or selling it but before I do I wanted to see what items y'all were using with it? The sound is pretty flat and neutral which I like and aside from the hiss I did find the signature to complement...
Title sums it up.  Bought these from another head-fier a month or so ago.  Used them 3-4 times but decided it didn't quite mesh with my IEMs.  So here they are up for sale.   Great condition.  Everything is solid and has minimal wear.  Pictures on request.   Price includes shipping within contUSA.  PP gift or add 4%.   Thanks for looking!
New quirk: 24bit 192kHz flac plays only when screen on. Second screen goes off either from pressing the lock button or due to timeout device stops playing and crashes. Has to be hard rebooted. No issues with 24/96 or 16/44. Anyone else experienced this?
Yep headphones are plugged in when i connect.  Screen shows "USB Music" screen but no sound.  Tried on Windows and after installing the driver (automatic) and it works fine but not on mac or android... Anyone else got it to work on Mac OSX or android (6.x I think)?
Anyone tried to use thisbas an external dac yet? Both my mac and Android phone recognize it but I don't hear any sound through either SE or balanced out. Tried using the volume control on both the player and Mac/android to no avail.
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