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I just bought a burson amp/dac and was playing around with it. One of the things I did was connect the coxial cable from the output of my Marantz SACD player to the coax in of the Burson. During playback of the first few tracks of a CD (not SACD) everything was fine until I got to later tracks (sometimes track six up to ten) when the sound from the coax starting to have gaps and some high pitch chirps. At first I thought it was my cables, but since I had two coax cables I...
 Why would you want to compare two systems that are clearly designed for different purposes. I have both a home system and portable/desktop headphone system. I agree that there are certain things in music that an audio system can portray better than a headphone (but you gotta have good room acoustic treatments) and also certain things that a headphone can do better or equal (tone, timbre, details) at the same or lower price. However, both systems give me a smile and make...
You mean other stuff than the donguri and kuro? Well if they have something up their sleeves that can beat kaede (which I think is among the top three or two dynamic drivers iems) I'm all ears.
Had a look at the fujiya avic site and they had a sold out sign for the kaede. Looks like all 200 gone?
  Before my comments gets taken overboard, I just have to clear up that it gave me a quite high reference point when I listened to those speakers in terms of the replicating the tone, timbre, and general feel of vocals. Instead of feeling wowwed by those speakers it very much dampens their awesomeness (well, they are really great and I wish I could carry home that all TAD set which will set me back about two kidneys, one lung, and one heart) . The speakers still have the...
I've tried the ms-ak100 with MH335 during an audio show and the female vocals were crazily intoxicating it spoiled my enjoyment of the vocal rendition of some speakers in the show such as B&W Nautilus, Focal Grand Utopias, and TAD Reference 1s (which is the closest in signature). I think the smiling is almost a guarantee.   
Thanks. I'll be checking that.
Where does it show the number of the earphone. I can't remember seeing it anywhere.
The bass filter looks like the waveguide you find in the bose wave system. Same principal perhaps?
From what I've listen to my iems compared to my full size headphones out of the same souce (ak100 viard modded) and I would say that there are some compromises with iems even at high prices. I would say I'm certain that there is a loss in soundstage and at times sub bass frequency (very noticable with the congo drums at the begining of hotel california for the iems I've listened to). I've noticed that with different iems if I want to gain something I have to give up...
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