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Same here! Best amongst headphone amps I own is the JDS O2. Best headphone amp (of the various I have) which works best with my AKG K612, and it is this the only AKG headphone where I have to utilise the "high gain" setting on the amp, to make it sound best. Otherwise it is quite low and flat sounding.
Strongly endorse the advice regarding the AKG K612Pro. Excellent headphones, but benefit in my opinion when used with an amp, as its impedance is relatively high and may otherwise sound a bit low in volume without an amp. Mostly use mine with JDS O2, and find that I often utilise the high gain, when with other headphones I normally use the low gain.
Sincere condolences Jason. Terribly sorry for your loss. I trust he is now in a better world under the protection and loving care of God.
Dear Flailure, I surely hope and am quite confident that your wife will like the Philips Fidelio X1! They are light, very well constructed, and  comfortable to wear, and best of all have an enjoyable sound for any music played on them. I also have, amongst other headphones, my most treasured being an AKG 550, AKG 612 Pro, an Audio Technica ATH-AD700, and Sony MDR V6, which are all pretty good. Cannot really say which one is the best, as I enjoy them depending on what music...
Would personally recommend Philips Fidelio X1, a good all-rounder, and sound good with practically all music.
Have both the Philips Fidelio X1 and the AKG 550, and I admit that for classical music they are both excellent, in my opinion, and cannot decide which is the better honestly. The only disadvantage about the Philips Fidelio X1, for me, is that its earpads are not replaceable, at least to date. A plus is that the cable is detachable and easily replaced. The AKG 550 needs to be properly set up to not allow any leaks in its seal on your head, as the sound depends enormously...
As far as I know the op amps provided are all "dual" op amps, and stereophonic. I would not try and insert single op amps mono, as the socket is meant for dual amps and have to be compatible with the amp.
Came across this post when trying to check about these Blaupunkt headphones, as my daughter was attracted by their retro design and subsequently tried to check reviews on them, which as said are not so many, but I eventually purchased these headphones from Amazon for my daughter, to replace her broken headphones, and I am glad to say that she is very pleased with them. Have listened to these Blaupunkt headphones myself and was really impressed with their lively clear...
Confirm the suggestion regarding !he Audio Technica AD700
Many thanks for an interesting review! In fact I had purchased this amp a few months back, and found it to have quite a good clear and open sound. Solidly built and quite attractive. What is truly amazing is that the battery in it lasts and last for quite a very long time. Had asked seller whether replaceable batteries are available in case the installed battery no longer keeps the charge and he answered that they were for quite a reasonable price, which is good to know...
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