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You must be joking.Overrated the HD 600 and 650?.They are  legendary headphones no way you can say they are overpriced.What are you comparing them to?.
Still looking...thanks
There is absolutely nothing out there for the price as good as the 598se and like any headphones a good setup will bring out the strength in the headphones.If you planning to use them for gaming and running directly off say a ipod it still sounds good but it really shines with a tube setup.
To get the best out of amp yes it should be something that is easy to drive.
Anyone in Canada selling a MKIII please contact me...
Anyone has a mint condition one willing to ship to Canada please contact me...
So the reversion 2 has fixed the cracking issue?..I love the look of the Rosewood more than the Bamboo...
So the reversion 2 eliminated this issue?..wondering is the warranty transferable to the next owner?.
Love to get the LCD2 revise but worry about the cracking of the wood at the end cables.
David did you send me the photos yet...
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