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I can already sort of answer this for you; I went with the Schiit Magni and they may not have the best synergy with the DT990's; I disliked them enough to sell them. They can drive the 990's well enough though.
I have a pair of Beyer DT990's and I want to either trade them for the DT770's (moar bass), or just sell them. Price is shipping to Europe included.   The phones are only a few weeks old and are basically like new, the only signs of use are the pads, which have lost their shape a bit due to regular use (yes they are just that soft). EDIT: price drop to €120
Hello, head-fi I am looking for an amp to drive my DT990 pro's since I keep reading you would really benefit with an amp for these cans.. Since I have a Xonar DG card (which apparently has a decent dac for the price but can't fully power the dt990's amp-wise) and I like to use the dolby sound or gaming (and a dac would apparently override the soundcard), which one would make the biggest difference, a dac or an amp? Also which one? (I've read good things about a few amps...
Price drop to €160   Will now ship to anywhere.
For sale: AKG Q701, all parts included. Price is without fees or shipping included, shipping is to Europe only.   Condition: no visible (or audible) damage, very very slight signs of use, headphones still in great condition. (used it for about 3 weeks, though I'm not the first user)     Edit: Included in the price is the Amp1 made by RW Audio. This is a very good desktop amp that should more than suffice for driving the q701 (and others) even though it is apparently...
I am selling my AD-700 cans for €50, shipping not included.   I have barely used these for more than a few hours (though I am the second owner), but the cans are still in very good condition, minus a slight rip in the inside of the earpads (the part you use to attach the pads to the headphones, the pads themselves are still fine)   I did not provide any pictures of it because I am a bit worried about making the tear bigger. I will add a picture of it when asked,...
"I Heard It Through The Grapevine" - Marvin Gaye
Aphex Twin
"Soft Touch/Raw Nerve" - Depeche Mode
I had a HD25-1 before coming to head-fi, after which I bought a HD 598. And tried a DT770 (sent it back though).   Then a Shure SRH840 appeared out of nowhere, and after that I was where I am today.
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