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Thanks for all the positive comments guys, it is really appreciated. Just wanted to ask a question as well. Going to buy some SPC off eBay, but just curious what gauge everyone uses for interconnects and rewires? I know this is mentioned throughout this thread, but I wanted to get an up to date answer. Thanks. Aaron
Hey all, Just started making cables over the last couple of weeks, so here is what I have done so far. Want to thank everyone who has contributed to this thread as it has helped me out immensely. Thanks. Aaron 1/4" mono female to 1/8" stereo male to hook my guitar up to the computer instrument cable for guitar ipod line out mini to rca mini to mini
Hey all, Here are some pics of my first build, a simple CMOY. Pretty messy with the wiring inside, but hey I'm just glad it worked on the first try. Oh, and just wanted to thank everyone on the board because without all of the information here there is no way I would have been able to build this. Thanks. Aaron
Still looking. Aaron
Hey, HF-1's seem to be a little hard to acquire, so looking to get some AKG K271s. Please PM me with information and approximately how much you are looking for. Located in Canada. Have a barely used pair of K26p I could trade (plus cash of course), but very willing to buy outright. Thanks very much. Aaron
Hey, Just wanted to give other Torontonians a heads up. I picked up a set of AKG K26p's from this place today for $45 CAD + tax, which I thought was a great price for a local store. They also had the K141s for $125 and the K240s for $150; not amazing prices but again pretty decent for a local place. The store is located on the southside of Queen just west of University. Besides this they don't have much selection other than some Shure stuff. Anyways, just thought I...
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