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Just wanted to thank Neil as well for handling the group buy. I got two cases off him without any problems despite all my annoying questions and queries. Great guy! Aaron
Very good experience with el_monkey. He bought a pair of HF-1s off me and was very prompt with payment. Also communicated extremely well and was a pleasure to deal with. Definitely recommend. Aaron
Meat Loaf - Bat Out of Hell Just a really fun album. Aaron
Quote: Originally Posted by The_Duke_Of_Eli So....then you need money for bills but decided not to sell them...hmm....interesting. Who said I decided not to sell them? I said I wouldn't sell them for what I paid. Quote: Originally Posted by yellafella321 how is that any business of yours? Thank you. Aaron
I take it a lot of the opinions expressed in this thread are somewhat in regards to the fact that I am selling my HF-1's. I just want to point out that a lot of the assumptions made are completely unture (in my case). I joined Headfi about 2 weeks before there was even mention of a sale of some more HF-1's. In fact, I posted a WTB thread in the headphone sale forum to see if I could get a pair. In other words, I just wanted to hear these great limited edition cans. ...
SOLD Aaron
Just received #472 today and they sound great. Thanks Todd. Aaron
434 here, and man am I excited! Aaron
4g iPod, K26p's, DIY Cmoy and iPod lineout cable. Aaron
This is crazy! Aaron
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