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Bought some AKG K601's for a great price that were pretty much in brand new condition. Shipped very quickly and great communication. Overall an excellent guy to deal with.
Axe Music has them for $160 which is similar to the price at Audiocubes so I'm assuming that's not bad (although I have no idea what US prices are). It does say 'Special Order' on the website though so I don't know what that means. Audio Technica ATHAD700
Just picked these up on Sunday, and am loving them so far. A Fender Mexi fat strat and a Vox AD15VT. Connected with my homemade cable I was able to make thanks to the DIY section here.
A great album, especially love Confessions Part III.
Don't know if that is a good description or not, but I am looking to find some music similar to John Mayer's song Slow Dancing in A Burning Room off of Continuum. Any suggestions to similar music/artists would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
We just implemented a server at work that monitors all computers in a similar manner. We thought it would be funny if we called it Big Brother so we did. Some people really get up in arms when they noticed what it was called. Aaron
“ count me in “
I'm looking at getting a Dremel kit myself, and I was curious if anyone has experience with the Canadian Tire Mastercraft brand? Sepcifically this one: Mastercraft 150-piece Rotary Tool Kit Thanks, Aaron
This member (LTUCCI1924) and others like them are why headfi is such a great place. Congrats Kevin523. Aaron Quote: Originally Posted by LTUCCI1924 WINNER WINNER WINNER WINNER WINNER WINNER WINNER WINNER Kevin523 Please pm me your full name and address. Thank you.
Sent a PM Aaron
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