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I do not have any test equipment unfortunately. Its just what i hear. He did gave me some test results.   Tube #1 (01.1975): Ia1 = 11.0 mA; Ia2 = 12.0 mA; Tube #2 (06.1975): Ia1 = 12.0 mA; Ia2 = 11.0 mA;   So far the tubes are a big improvement over my 1971 siemens. They are clear and spacious, detailed, with a hint of warmth.
Hi,   U can get a used AUNE T1 on amazon  for 120 dollar. This is a Amp and Dac in one device. It uses USB.   https://www.amazon.com/24bit-DRIVEN-DECORDER-HEADPHONE-UPGRADED/dp/B00C85NF52/ref=lp_7897454011_1_12?srs=7897454011&ie=UTF8&qid=1471957869&sr=8-12
I use a logitech G502, I love it. A good mouse pad is important too though. Expecially when u play at low dpi/sens.
I would also go with The wither 3 / Fall out 4   But i prefered The witcher 3 by a large margin. The story  was just better, it had this flow in it that just captures you, it was my best single player experience ever.
Yeah, it depens on where you are living.   Here its the value that counts. If its higher than their allowed value, u pay tax. So, in that case, if u mark a lower value, it can get past without any further costs.
My 75 reflectors came in last week. I bought them from ebay and they sound good, and are silent :D
Pulled the trigger on one, Cant wait to hear them :D:D
I want to bypass Dx50 because the D14 had a good dac and amp. Im going to use it with the ZMF omnis.
thanks for the suggestion.   I think i will use the digital output from my dx50 and connect it to the digital input of the D14. That should bypass the internal dac from the dx50 correct ? Thanks.   I already have a dx50, so i can go easy on the wallet for now.
Hi guys,   I just bought the ibasso D14 and i am planning to use it with a MP3 player. Because the D14 has a nice dac ,  i would like to use it with my dap. Is this possible ? because usually the mp3 players only have lineout, Is it possible to use some kind of cable ?   Thanks
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