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I want to bypass Dx50 because the D14 had a good dac and amp. Im going to use it with the ZMF omnis.
thanks for the suggestion.   I think i will use the digital output from my dx50 and connect it to the digital input of the D14. That should bypass the internal dac from the dx50 correct ? Thanks.   I already have a dx50, so i can go easy on the wallet for now.
Hi guys,   I just bought the ibasso D14 and i am planning to use it with a MP3 player. Because the D14 has a nice dac ,  i would like to use it with my dap. Is this possible ? because usually the mp3 players only have lineout, Is it possible to use some kind of cable ?   Thanks
Ah yes. v1.2.0. Its done updating now. Thanks
Hi, Just got my dx50, How long does it takes to update from v 2.0.0  to v 2.2.2 ?   It just stays at "Find and check Firmware"   Thanks
Hi,   I have been lurking on this board for a while because of my interest in audio. Recently i orderd A new set of headphones, (Fischer Audio fa-003TI). And also a new Mp3 Player ( sony nwz-a864 ).   Now i was wondering if the sony nwz-a864 will improve with the use of a Fiio e11 With a LOD.  Does anyone ever tried this combo ? Does it improves the sound ?   Thanks, Michael
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