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Do u have a amplifier ?
ZMF omni, cherry.   U get The headphones, Stock cable(3M), ZMF Earpads, Certificate of Authenticity. All in original Box.   The ZMF Omni is the Flagship of the ZMF line.  Meticulously designed for beauty and function, the Omni is a semi-open design that true to its name, does everything well.  A full sweet sound with great detail retrieval,  smooth mids and extended treble.   A true heirloom built just for you.  
Thanks,  will do.
Hi,   Im looking to buy a pair of the Reflektor 75 SWGP   Ebay acc to check my Rep on request.     Thanks
Nice headband, looks comfy.
U get get a used, Like new Audio-Technica ATH-A900X for 150 dollar.
FA003TI   I know thats a very good headphone for the price, highs and mids are very nice, coupled with a great soundstage and clarity.  The bass is not to strong though.     sennheiser momentum
I do not have any test equipment unfortunately. Its just what i hear. He did gave me some test results.   Tube #1 (01.1975): Ia1 = 11.0 mA; Ia2 = 12.0 mA; Tube #2 (06.1975): Ia1 = 12.0 mA; Ia2 = 11.0 mA;   So far the tubes are a big improvement over my 1971 siemens. They are clear and spacious, detailed, with a hint of warmth.
Hi,   U can get a used AUNE T1 on amazon  for 120 dollar. This is a Amp and Dac in one device. It uses USB.
I use a logitech G502, I love it. A good mouse pad is important too though. Expecially when u play at low dpi/sens.
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