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I love solid state drives. Can't go back to old hhd.
I personally would love to see the perfectwave in here.  As a owner of the a concero.  I'd love to see how it would stack up.
Ive listened to a few vinyl setups with headphones that run around 3k-5k and one actual speaker set up.  Your right that the lowest hz are emp/body shaking/ambiance. I even own a few records from my favorite albums just to decorate the walls. And personally I won't recommend a CD setup either since your limited to 16bit 44.1khz on most CD's minus some crazy 24bit ones and SACD's (stands for "super audio CD").  I would recommend you save up for a nice DAC (digital to analog...
If you throw enough money at it a lot of vinyls noise factors are cut dramatically.  It ends up being that some people prefer vinyl because of its lush sound signature. That 80hz cut off ends up not being so bad when you remember that due to age you probably can't hear 20hz or 30hz, and physically having the music is a very nice feeling and watching it spin.  And all the positive memory you might have from your childhood or young adult life listening to vinyl.
I agree I think it is this thread that pulls in the younger crowd.  While lets say threads on summit-fi pulls in a older crowd.  I am 19 years old.
Remember you can get the speedball upgrade when ever you want.  Personally I would invest in upgrading the stock tubes by just putting in $40ish bucks.  Then worry about the speedball then worrying about upgrading the dac. 
My vote is to keep the schiit.
Sad to see the company is called line5  which seems like a bootleg of line6 even sharing the same logo style.
 Comfort is a big part of why it was ahead.  With artist to artist it goes in favor of one or the other.  To me the hd650's won some of my favorite artist so that is why it is number 1).  I am currently saving up for some hd800's but I wont get them till the summer. 
1)Sennheiser hd 650 2)Audeze lcd 2 3)akg k702 4)Sennheiser hd700
New Posts  All Forums: