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I use fiio X3 with all my headphones and IEMs. So can't doubt the source, burning-in M50x, will check after 20 hrs.
I do like bass, the bass on havi is little less than my liking and more on m50x. I was using ATH Im50 before havi and HD 203 before m50x. The uncontrolled bass, recessed mid and harsh treble on m50x is what I am not liking.   
Bought M50x and used it for 20 hr.  The bass is overpowering and not controlled, mid is recessed and treble is not smooth. Liking my havi b3 pro I more than this and there is actually no comparison. Please guide me to improve my m50x. Should I burn it or apply any mod?
Facing the same issue.. 
I have ordered B3 and I will use it with Fiio X3, should I buy an amp or x3's power is enough to drive it? 
There is a playlist folder in internal storage. I have copied all the playlist files here. My songs are on external mem card and x3 doesn't play the list. Am i missing something or this is an issue?
I have downloaded and installed firmware 2.14. I understand that the beta firmware has few bugs, I wanted to know how do I stop the player from switching off automatically? I have disabled all idle timers but still it switches off.
I am not using any amp and my IEM is connected to headphone output port.  
Just bought x3 and facing a strange problem. Same songs when played in DAC mode are getting played fine but in DAP mode, I hear loud popping and crackling. I am using the same earphone (CKM 500).Could someone please help? I am on latest firmware.
Can someone compare VSD1 and CKM500?  
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