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Sent pm.   Thanks
Is it safe to order it from aliexpress?   Thanks,
Could someone compare these against Havi b3 pro 1?
Sent you pm.
Is it still available? How old is this?
I use fiio X3 with all my headphones and IEMs. So can't doubt the source, burning-in M50x, will check after 20 hrs.
I do like bass, the bass on havi is little less than my liking and more on m50x. I was using ATH Im50 before havi and HD 203 before m50x. The uncontrolled bass, recessed mid and harsh treble on m50x is what I am not liking.   
Bought M50x and used it for 20 hr.  The bass is overpowering and not controlled, mid is recessed and treble is not smooth. Liking my havi b3 pro I more than this and there is actually no comparison. Please guide me to improve my m50x. Should I burn it or apply any mod?
Facing the same issue.. 
I have ordered B3 and I will use it with Fiio X3, should I buy an amp or x3's power is enough to drive it? 
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