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Does it support compressed m4a files? I couldn't find this information on FIIO website or in this thread.
Has anyone tried the balanced cable from LMUE? What improvements does it add compared to unbalanced silver upgrade cable?
I am using red, grey and gun metal combination. 
Is it normal to experience driver flex? I hear clicks from left side drivers.
What alternatives do we have for cable? Stock cable is not at all good and I do not want to damage socket by using cables with larger pins.
Do we have atleast one measurement of a good set or it is all in talk? If we don't then it becomes little harder to believe at this point that there is any good QT5 :)
I had ordered flc 8s but instruction manual says "flc8". Is this how it should be or I got old version?
Received the package. Just steller, better than every IEM I have heard till date.
I am waiting for the shipment. Could someone please let me know if crystal silver cable worth buying? Will upgrade cable improve the sound?
Thanks guys, ordered from LMUE :)
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