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I have downloaded and installed firmware 2.14. I understand that the beta firmware has few bugs, I wanted to know how do I stop the player from switching off automatically? I have disabled all idle timers but still it switches off.
I am not using any amp and my IEM is connected to headphone output port.  
Just bought x3 and facing a strange problem. Same songs when played in DAC mode are getting played fine but in DAP mode, I hear loud popping and crackling. I am using the same earphone (CKM 500).Could someone please help? I am on latest firmware.
Can someone compare VSD1 and CKM500?  
Hi ljoker, I have ATH-CKM500. Its mid bass annoys me, can you please suggest an IEM with lesser mid bass, better mids, treble and depth. I can spend $130.   Thanks  
Thanks for the information. :) Currently I own a Brainwavz M2 which was also my 1st purchase, I have listened to my friend's cheap IEM and have always thought that M2 is superior. I fell in love with it. For me there was nothing better than this. Now, left monitor is not working properly. So, I signed up and started to go through the reviews. In most of the reviews, it is said the IEM is very good. That made me confused. I saw some comparisons with M2 and found out...
Hi, I am new to this forum and to the audiophile world. I am planning to buy an IEM for my daily use, so I was browsing through the IEM reviews. I came across some terms like recessed mids, larger soundstage, darker, brighter etc. How are these measured? In may case, when I listen to a new set of headphone/earphone, I always compare it with my current set. Is there any threshold value or it is compared against the another IEM all the time? If it is latter then review...
PM sent :)
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