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  Anyone else tried these? I thought of getting them since the M50 pads are a bit too expensive.
Would Objective2 be a good amp for the PRODJ100?
Is this power supply good for the SSMH?
Really? I feel stupid now That's probably it Well, thanks everyone
I reduced the wires and leads, but it didn't help I don't think that's the problem because it was the same when I made it directly on the pc board
There's this buzz when I touch some parts of the circuit, as tangent's article suggests it's likely a grounding problem How should I properly ground it? I tried with different layouts but still have the same problem     Here's some pictures       What am I doing wrong?
Fred, are you still selling them?
  Do you know any other reliable seller? This one does not ship to my country.
I see there's a lot of talk about swapping pads but I can't afford both headphones and different pads at the same time Are the stock pads that bad?
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