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You mean an m3 with Sigma22 PSU? An M3 doesn't really need a sigma22, sigma11 is much more than enough for an m3 which is really a half size sigma22 with less output but all the performance. as long as you get really good torroidal transformer you're set. What a shame is I've seen many m3 build using a cheap transformer or worse using a switchmode PSU. Those don' so m3 justice IMO   Mainline is a great amp but bottlehead should have designed it to have balanced input. I...
Amb stuff are awesome. M3 are no exception. My reference amp for hd800 is now Dr Gilmore's designed super symmetry dynahi. My of my does hd800 sings with it.
For me i used it for along tine too before it burnt. Think it like overclocking. Most ofnthe time its fine but since you are running the circuit above its designed voltage something can go wrong. BTW only transistor for one channel got burnt in my case.
You can use it without modification just keep it mind crack with speedball ia not designed to handle the voltage of e80cc. It runs at a much higher gain and voltage. I have been using e80cc on an unmodified crack with speedball for 2 months with no problem. Then 2 weeks ago the speedball transistor finally gave up and burnt. So something to keep in mind. If you want to use this long term follow the resistor replacement guide in the bottlehead forum
I will join weekday or weekend but i sometime needed to work after hours on weekday so harder to pinpoint date if i can make it
Weekend or weekdays?
Just thinking the same thing I'm in
Shipping anywhere at cost but it wont be cheap. Its quite heavy
Price drop to $350
I'm selling my alienware 17 r5 if anyone interested http://www.head-fi.org/t/769757/alienware-17-2014-i7-ati-m290x
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