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yeah comfort wise HD650 sucks. Clamp too much for my taste. But still HD650 complements HD800 well. don't think any will leave my collection
Is this the correct quartus software to download? https://www.altera.com/downloads/software/prog-software/121.html
I hate desoldering :) but will give it a shot
You should know this then. In the guide kingwa said "take off dsp module and broken the two pins of SCK" did you just cut them off? 
Yup I did all the discussion with KingWa before I purchase the clock and amanero USB and get all the needed info. Reference 7 has been added to his guide along with the modification diagram for the DSP board. Money wise it only cost me $150 worth of parts total with the amanero board and a flasher Just checking if anyone has done this also. That being said how much did it cost you to replace the board to master 7?
that's great :). Anyone here has done NOS or amanero install for their ref7?
Will do when I get it all installed. Just paid for the amanero and clock module. Did those who ordered clock module from kingwa get the needed resistor and capacitor from him? reason being the resistor value are not common in australia and not ready available from local electronic shops.
Going to change my reference 7 to add amanero usb and NOS mod. Can't wait to try after reading all the feedback in this thread
Ordering the NOS mod for my Ref7 also and finally putting amanero USB replacing the spdif. can't wait to try it out
jsgraha have you got your HD800 modded? Would be ineterested on trying a modded one before trying it on mine.
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