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I suggest read the instruction a couple of times to make sure you know what to do. It is straight forward. Make sure you do power up and power down sequence as instructed
Looks like I was not imagining things low quality MP3 does sound really good after the upgrade
Just want to report the upgrade file is running smoothly Running NOS mode 3 with PLL off and ATT1 ON and Async Mode 2. Really liking this. It's more neutral than the old NOS mode 2 but still have a great timbre. one comment after the upgrade though. Low quality music or old recording sounds cleaner. Like a noise filter has been applied but without reducing the detail
and what is the voltage of the external power?
Sorry misread your statement. But yeah I saw the 12MHz is available in their marketing material but still trying to find a shop that stock them. BTW what's the voltage input of the Taiten OXCO? is it 3.3v?
Where did you get the Crystek 12Mhz from it's available in their product marketing PDF but haven't found a store that stock them
here is the new output file http://www.filedropper.com/outputfilenos for anyone that needs them
Just got the firmware from KingWa. Weekend just get more interesting
Just send KingWa an email for the new firmware this morning. Has anyone got the firmware?
@bballas where did you get the oxco clock from? I'm thinking to upgrade my nos clock have you consider crystek femto clock?
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