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If the jumper is off it means DSP bypass is disabled It's a wrong method to check if a jumper is linked you're supposed to do a continuity check if it beeps it's linked (on) if it doesn't beep it's not linked (off)
Upgrading the Dac board on a master 11 even if possible would cost alot considering most of the cost of the DAC would be in that board the 2 amp board would be considerable much cheaper. However I'm surprised NOS7 can't be upgraded considering the DI board are separated
I wouldn't call $400 phono high end more like mid end. a decent MM phono stage is around $4-600 but for MC you'll need to go around >$800 before getting anything decent. Why I say not high end if you compare to M11 you will be disappointed in comparison
actually even it uses RCA the signal from a turntable is balanced. Ground is on a separate wire and cartridge wire is always left + - and right + -
Just use a vacuum record cleaning machine and clicks and pop will be down to real minimum. I mainly use turntable with speaker but sometimes connect to my headphones and it's always make me smile when I do so 
What a pathetic of an update. One year since I paid my shipping invoice and still nothing.
Regen SOLD
Item: Uptone Amber Regen Location: NOBLE PARK NORTH or RICHMOND VIC Price:  $160 doesn;t have box but comes with original power and USB Link Reason for selling: New project Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
Yes it is. Not sold as a complete dac yet but as DIY module for now
New master 7 singilarity model with a whole new digital board. would be interesting how much the new board will cost
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