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Looking to buy audio gd NFB 6 used. any voltage is fine but must be willing to ship to Australia. Let me know if you have one.   Thanks
I bought the db2 from you so this is the same unit. After talking with the ibasso tech they told me the battery is on the way out. A replacement battery is $20 delivered. When replacing the battery I found the old battery has ballooned to double the size. Lucky it didn't explode before I replace it. No more jitter now after arround 5 hours running time and the sound quality has improved significantly. I guess because the circuit has been working with less than optimal...
i've sent you a pm. i'll take it if shipping to australia is not too expensive
definitely would be interested on how a budget balanced amp stands up against a good single ended amp like crack
I've recently got an Audio-GD NFB 1.32 that I can bring also if anyone interested. It's a fully balanced Sabre 9018 DAC
Where can we buy lcd2 rosewood for below $1000? I know someone is looking for one
PM Sent
 V281? Oh my..... things starts to get really interesting
Surely many will be interested on trying audio gD reference 7
Saturday would be the preference for me
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