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SIGN.ME.UP.     Please also advise of any and all parties.
 Best reference I know of is here: http://www.audiotubes.com/12au7.htmJust a list of equivalent tube numbers without descriptions: 12AU7 / 12AU7AECC82CV49158146189/E82CC5963635066807730ECC802E80CC/6085B749 I have several of these (underlined) and have tried them at least once in the amp (with varying results).Mullards, Telefunkens, and old American black plate tubes sound best to me.The recent remade Russian and Chinese tubes sound noticeably worse, even in this amp.I...
...some 500 pages and 9 months since last visit. Just a couple recent favorites...      
 I gotta take one post for a shout-out: Thank you Tyll for your many informative reviews and interviews. I got to see you in action interviewing someone at CanJam, and I listened to you moderate the Planar headphone presentation (which I think benefited greatly from your moderation). I almost walked up to you and introduced myself, but it would have sounded something like "Hi Tyll, I'm someone you've never heard of, but thanks!" lol.  Anyway, good job bro
Best. Donut. Ever.  
I was one of those who got to hear Bill's mods at CanJam. I can attest to the fact that this does indeed make this headphone less strident and smoother sounding.   (When I walked into the Member area, Bill said "Finally, someone wearing DT770's" lol).   I own the 250 ohm version, so I don't know if that would make a difference or not. Anyhow, the cable on my set is getting a bit worn from movement, so I may combine cable replacement with this mod at some point in the...
My suggestions, in no particular order:   Daft Punk - Random Access Memories Led Zeppelin - Celebration Day Andreas Vollenweider - Book of Roses Pentatonix Volume III Steely Dan - Live In America Pat Metheny - One Quiet Night Talking Heads - Stop Making Sense
Quote: Originally Posted by leesure      Now, this is my kind of woman (She's just drying her nail polish, right?)   I wonder if she's single? :D
 Oh, I'm hooked now bro lol I've already checked the map to see how far away Denver is from Orange County haha. Looks like an easy 1000 mile drive, with a quick detour in Vegas  I wish you'd woke me from the nap! But I was probably really sawing logs. I think I got 3 hours the night before. So by 4-ish Saturday, I was ready to go nite-nite. When I woke up, I realized I had to go home. Just too tired. So, yeah. Next time, I'm bringing the bottle of Rum, and a shot glass...
 Meeting people for the first time was just as important to me as listening to gear. That's why I purposely put only my Head-Fi user name on my badge (though it took a good 2 minutes to explain it to the guy making badges lol). No one would know me by my real name. Next time, I vote for Head-Fi user names in Great Big Font on the badges, with real names optionally listed below. That really would help.
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