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   Yep.  Transformer-coupled amps are much more transparent than any electrolytic.  ??? AMB doesn't do tubes.
 Just waiting to hear your results after your e-mail expressing worry that you haven't been biasing things correctly.  Obviously if that's the case, it will directly affect the sound quality of the amp and any satisfaction with what you're hearing.  I've stated several times before, I believe the MOSFET-MAX - properly configured - has superior sound to the BJT version (MiniMAX).  Anyway, just to help others the complete instructions for biasing are here:MOSFET-MAX Setup...
 Yep Mini3:Agreed PIMETA:Not necessarily: Carrie:Joneeboi is working on a new version. A47:
Yep.  I knew it could drive speakers. You may need some bigger capacitors on the output to get full bass response, but it's usually a reasonable compromise in using the stock capacitor sizes because desktop speakers can't reproduce deep bass, anyway.  
I believe that's a 6N5P tube.  Both tubes in the DarkVoice 336se tube amp are Chinese manufacture. Russia may have made the 6N5P, whereas the 6N8P is totally Chinese manufacture.  The point is ... neither should be NOS.  They are both current manufacture tubes.   I would contact DarkVoice and ask for a replacement - period.  You should expect nothing less than perfect tube condition with current manufacture tubes.
 It wasn't a unicorn a couple of years ago.  Now, it is.  The old Denon D2000/D5000/D7000 were very much like closed Grados. EDIT: Of course, there's the Bushmills Grado.  That really is a closed Grado.
 Well, congrats on the Millet Hybrid MAX V1.2! 
 No problem.  It's just that being "aware of any consumer 16 bit dacs being marketed or sold" cuts a very wide swath.  It almost says you have to be aware of every single product that's sold in the world.  I know exactly what I sell, however. Some of us are quite small and may have missed your attention. 
 The MOSFETs could be oscillating with 0R at RB14. That's probably true about more bias.  Current bias does hit a point of diminishing returns.  I just thought it was one more thing to try. That said, it could very well be your tubes, too.  They can make all the difference between transparency and not.
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