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 Well, that's the best possible news!  Glad to hear it!
QB8 and QB9 are maybe strong enough to withstand being reversed. However, it sounds like you may have burned out one or more of the smaller, TO-92 transistors. Unfortunately, figuring out which transistors may be bad is a difficult thing once they're soldered into the circuit. You should probably replace all of them to be certain.That may sound awful and it probably is from the amount of work required, but it's only a dollar or two in cost.
 A Millett Max should NEVER hum.  Either you have bad tubes or your power supply is not operating correctly.  Turn the trimmer until the voltage no longer goes up.  Then turn it back down by at least 1.5V.  That will ensure that the LM317 is in a regulation mode and that it's not adjusted outside of its voltage capability.
 Glad it all turned out OK.
I've updated the installation documentation for all the Tweaks on the Torpedo III website. Installation for the Output CCS Boards is now "Tweak #5."  
Count me in! EDIT for Equipment: ECP Audio/Beezar Torpedo III (at least 2) ECP Audio Walnut 5 DAC (maybe v.5.1, too) Technics SL-7 (or SL-10, one or the other) Turntable Pete Millett LR Phono Preamp Sennheiser HD800 Sennheiser HD600 Fostex THX00 PupDAC & DoodleBug
I'm not understanding how you worded your post. What is the difference between "5v" and "5v tp?" Aren't they both the same test point? Forget about "shorted," what is the actual voltage to ground that you measure at those points?If the "-5V" test point does not measure -5V referenced to ground, then something is wrong with U7, the voltage-inverting charge pump.
Yeah - I need some flames on the sides.
Posted this over in the Pics of Your Builds thread in the DIY section, but it deserves a mention here, too - ECP Audio Walnut 5 DAC:   I actually built the PCB - the most challenging, but rewarding electronics project I've ever had. As for that case and the wood - well, I was able to rub some oil onto the wood.  Other than that, it's all Dsavitsk/ECP Audio craftsmanship!    Balanced output, high-res, high-bit, asynchronous USB - can't ask for much more.  It's...
New Posts  All Forums: