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Don't worry! These are some seriously impressive IEMs.
I'm hoping for drugs or money.
Yeah I knew that....cough.Thanks. I am #142. I feel this is a special and significant number that entitles me to extra stuff or special faster delivery. The more I think about it, the more obvious it seems.
Where to find the numbers?
In many parts of the world £200 is a very decent monthly salary for a skilled person, or even a professional. In other places, like here in UK, it doesn't cover the rent/mortgage for a week for many people. I'm English and haven't left the UK for about 8 years but I used to live in S.E. Asia and also travelled in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. It is an eye opener. I have some sympathy for people using the #firstworldproblem type hashtags because it's a good...
I check them daily on waking, thank you.
I just want to endorse that comment and opinion. After visiting Flare Audio it is very clear that they are firmly rooted in Pro Audio, i.e. stage, venue, festival, studio, event and so on. There were already some high end consumer/domestic products but the focus is or has been on licensing the patented technology more than going into production and competing with the biggest, meanest beasts in the jungle. It seems to me that entering the high end IEM market is something...
Men's health???? So, if I wear the R2s my balls will stop aching?I didn't notice at the time, but maybe that's why the train journey home felt more comfortable than the outward bound trip.It's all very mystical. Om. Om. Ommmmm. OMFG.
I tried some cheap foams, very clearly generic Comply imitations, and they were terrible due to not having the elasticity/expandability of the Comply tips. I guess they might work somewhat for people with very narrow ear canals.I've lost count of the different tips I've tried with all kinds of earphones and so far the only foam tips I like are Comply, Shure and earphonesplus. The earphonesplus are the cheapest and work just fine with the Flare Audio R2*.
New Posts  All Forums: