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You can find the 1 More range at ibuygou
before becoming white.
Mine are Ḝ shaped.
So the Youth Edition (henceforth YE) arrived today and I can do a quick comparison with the Piston 3 (henceforth P3).Packaging and PresentationJust like the Piston 2 plastic editions these arrive in the usual small square Xiaomi card box containing the earphones and the spare tips. There is no presentation case as is supplied with the metal Piston 2 or or the P3. The tips are the same for the YE and P3.Physical Appearance and MaterialsThe most obvious difference is that...
I signed up for a similar model, the R2A. The difference is the Pro is titanium body and the A is aluminium. It's rather hard to believe that in such a tiny form there could be any difference in sound because of the different properties of the metals. Titanium vs. Aluminium vs Steel vs Carbon Fibre in bicyle frames: yes, all distinctive and characteristically identifiable in use. A 12mm x 7mm milled enclosure for a 5mm diameter audio driver? No chance. There just...
I've emailed Flare and await confirmation of a time and date for me to go play with their toys
Thanks for the reply. I'm not on facebook so I wasn't aware of that invitation. I now intend to drag my hefty bod down there fairly soon and try out the toys.... Will post again and report after play time.
Not correct. AAC is a codec. MP4 is a format/container. You can have aac in other containers, for example mkv or any of several TV broadcast/DVB formats. You can have MP3 within an MP4 container. You can have raw, containerless AAC streams.
The Piston 3 are much nicer sounding than the budget Sennheiser CX models but also a lot less sensitive (quieter) and with a bit less bass and a bit less isolation. Maybe the Piston 2 would be a better replacement for your old CX215s - big bass, nice open sound, similarly sensitive/loud.
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