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When you've done 2 mods to your Pistons it's probably a suitable time to seek counselling.
For a few months I tried using my Galaxy Note phone as my main personal/on the go music player, with no music on the device (just a few audiobooks, podcasts and so on). I have a 3G plan with enough capacity that I can use it as I like. The music is on my home server, all flac ripped from CD. The server runs MPD (Music Player Daemon) so can output flac, wav, ogg, , wavpack or mp3. My router runs an IPSec VPN server and I run an VPN client on my Note. Audio quality is...
I don't know about the tablets and phones, but in terms of headphones the above is complete and total ********. If you want Xiaomi headphones you simply order them and they arrive in 2 -3 weeks, no charge for post. I don't give a flying eff you cee kay if some pompous forum hipster doesn't give his approval to a company, especially if it's for reasons allegedly/supposedly/********tingly only relevant to some completely different product. I bought Xiaomi Pistons and I...
Xiaomi me the way to go home I'm tired and I want to go to bed I had a little drink about an hour ago And it went right to my head Where ever I may roam On land or sea or foam You will always hear me singing this song Xiaomi me the way to go home
My mistake. If it's in the advertising copy it must be important.
Phones have so much EMI and use so much noise suppression techniques that it's simply a waste of time using one for "hi res" audio.
Those aren't going to work. The product image seems to show the cable routing through the headband so it probably isn't a detachable headband. If you can't find a headband then get KTXPRO1, same titanium coated open back driver but with headband.
The dual balanced armature Apple IEM cost about £65 here in UK. The Pistons (plastic) cost £8. The metal/choco cost £13. The Xiaomis cost about 1/7th or 1/8th of Shure (SE215 about £75) or about 1/3 of UE600 offering similar sound quality and the Xiaomis are at least as durable. It is a quite easy call, especially if you buy these for typical urban/portable use and not while indulging in some f***ed up fantasy that USD $12 gets you universal perfection.
The world changed. Nobody has to be "officially selling here" to be known, recognised, liked, disliked, embraced, ignored, admired, mocked or anything else. You know where China is now? It is in the same place as England was In 1780 or 1830 or West Germany almost was in the 1970s or Japan in the 80s: the workshop of the world. That is the engine, the driving force of commerce and consumerism. As a mere individual consumer I can order both mass produced high quality...
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