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Mine smell very obviously of chocolate but not while they are in my ears, only when at my nose. I wonder if others are making this elementary mistake? Perhaps Xiaomi ought to consider a redesign and come up with something which both smells and sounds good while being inserted into the nostrils instead of the ears.
Have you tried blowing your nose?
What's more is that this improvement is so pronounced that it even works on mono tracks.
I have both types and can't find any sound difference. Xiaomi state "Sound quality is the same as the updated version" and I have to agree. The differences are in materials and of course clever promotion and marketing.
The plastic ones sound identical and are $12 delivered worldwide from an authorised vendor. How much cheaper is it supposed to get? btw they need minimum of 2000 hours burn and if you don't listen the entire time then you won't notice the subtle but vital differences. *cough*
I bought another pair of the plastic ones as a gift; paid for them on October 28 and they were received on November 11. This is to UK. I chose the free shipping and no insurance. The first pair I bought were on special offer, which was same price but express international tracked delivery via DHL and they arrived in just a few days. When I bought the gold and brown metal version I also chose free delivery but with insurance and it took about a couple of weeks. I think...
btw anyone looking for the lowest price for non-fake goods can also consider the white plastic version of the Piston from ibuygou: Despite the description it is the newer ported version and sounds identical to the better known chocolate and gold version (I have both). I think $12 with free international delivery is a remarkable bargain.
Good price for Indians, probably not useful for anyone called jacquelope.Also on that first page is the following rider:I am not in India but did spend 18 months there. I would not fall down in a fainting fit if an Indian price two or three times lower than the usual Asian price turned out to be for fakes/used/damaged goods, even from a supposedly official retailer.
Genuine ones: Fakes: ebay or amazon market
I now have two pairs of Xiaomi Pistons. Both are 2nd generation (ported) bought from Xiaomi's approved online retailer My first pair is These are a very decent budget Android headset: the controls work perfectly with my Galaxy Note - volume up/down, pause/resume, answer call, voice search and so on. They cost me US $12 inc. tracked, signed for delivery by DHL (really!). I...
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