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I'm pretty sure my X3 broke the other night, it powers on fine if nothing is plugged into headphone out. Line out still functions normally but headphone out causes click and then an immediate shutdown. I'm hoping warranty will save me, it's only 6 months old.
 AFAIC, they knew about 3rd party updates and licensing fees. We have to understand the why that you've clearly explained, but the how is simple, tote support but only give a rudimentary/old driver.
 Thanks for the little bit of information :) I have been tempted to try the MMX 300 for quite some time but my next set will probably be the DT 770. Want some great sounding (slightly warm, anything else can be done in eq) bassy headphones.
 The ATH-ADG1 looks amazing. Have you had the chance to compare them to Senn PC 360s?
 Not yet haha! It was a previous TV, I spent all the budget on computer and audio equipment (Klipsch ProMedia 2.1). I had the Sennheiser PC 360's. I will be looking into possibly the QNIX 27" soon!
  This was from a couple months ago when I put the computer together. I'll have to post a couple more pics once my CPU coolers comes in.   Rockin' the PC 360s! ALC1150 haha.   Forgot to post my specs: Intel i5-4670K (stock clock, for now...) MSI GTX 770 Gaming 2GB (stock clock) Samsung 840 120GB (OS + Programs) Seagate 1TB 8GB G.SKILL Ripjaws X 1600MHz RAM
 Nice build! Here is a great article for some advice on AC routers! - The Netgear "Nighthawk" R7000 looks pretty solid. I have the Netgear WNDR3700v4 N router with the latest DD-WRT on my current network with 25/6Mbps Internet service. With my semi-extensive QOS settings, we can download @ ~20-22Mbps, and I get no noticeable lag (1-5ms~ extra) while playing...
I bundled my Recon3D USB card (still use it) with the CMoyBB amp to drive my Sennheiser PC 360s. Other than the amplifier issue the Recon3D is awesome (haven't used anything else besides Razer Surround).
I am wearing the PC 360s right now. My setup includes HP Laptop to Creative Sound Blaster Recon3D USB to CMoyBB to my Sennheiser PC 360s. The Recon3Ds don't really push the PC 360s (including just from the laptop audio jack) as much as I had hoped so that is why I purchased the CMoyBB amplifier. It sounds AMAZING in games like DDO and LoL. Directional sound is on point (I have only compared it to low end Turtle Beach, the Triton AX 720, and Audio-Technica M50S) and sound...
Anybody have the Brainwavz M2/ViSang R03 that they can compare to these? I am thinking about picking up a pair.
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