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It's surprising that silverfi is garnering little interest here. I've had its Rumi XLR cables for about 3 months, and the quality it brings to me is nothing short of amazing. I still can remember the first time I plugged in the cable, it just gave me an immediate WOW! Can't believe such leaps of improvement it brings to my system. Even till date, I'm still astounded by the little magic it produces whenever I listen to my music. Thanks Sezai for your work and hopefully...
My guesses will be:   130.5 64.8 43.9
PM sent
still available
I might be letting this go as I have moved on to PC audio. You can pm me for more details. Thanks
Hi guys, looking to sell this PCOCC single crystal power cable. This cable is built like a tank, one of the most solidly built and beautiful cable I have seen. Not forgetting the audio improvement it brings across all spectrums. Reason of sale is because I'm contemplating into upgrading my power cable :D   From the below website, this retails at around USD800 for a 1.5m length. Any party who is interested, kindly pm me a reasonable offer. This will be shipped from...
Alright thanks! :)
Mine is the DSD version without the SE. So you mean I can do without the audiobyte right?
Anyone can comment on whether it's worth getting AP2 for my Wyred4sound Dac2 DSD? Is the sound improvement significant?
still available :)
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