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i see that fidelizer works on media player like roon, jriver, tidal etc. What if im using spotify to listen to music, does fidelizer improve the sound quality as well?
Selling the above IEM. PM me if interested. Buyer to pay shipping and pp fees
As above, I'm selling this highly rated bang for the bucks speaker cables which will definitely improve your system! This comes in a banana plug and spade connectors at each end. I'll be shipping this from Singapore.   Willing to share the shipping cost but buyer needs to pay the paypal fee.   Pm me if you are interested. Thanks
U selling?
As above, if u are selling, please pm me. Need this to be shipped to Singapore. Thanks
As above, please pm me if u are selling. Need this to be shipped to Singapore. Thanks
Selling this piece of Purist Audio Venustas power cable. 1.5m long. Price is inclusive of shipping fee from Singapore.    
Hi, I'll be selling one pair of 2.5m of above mentioned speaker cable. Cable is in good condition and will provide the original packaging if you want. Will ship to anywhere from Singapore.   Will follow up with pics when I'm free. Asking price is exclusive of paypal and shipping fees. Thanks
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