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My guesses will be:   130.5 64.8 43.9
PM sent
still available
I might be letting this go as I have moved on to PC audio. You can pm me for more details. Thanks
Hi guys, looking to sell this PCOCC single crystal power cable. This cable is built like a tank, one of the most solidly built and beautiful cable I have seen. Not forgetting the audio improvement it brings across all spectrums. Reason of sale is because I'm contemplating into upgrading my power cable :D   From the below website, this retails at around USD800 for a 1.5m length. Any party who is interested, kindly pm me a reasonable offer. This will be shipped from...
Alright thanks! :)
Mine is the DSD version without the SE. So you mean I can do without the audiobyte right?
Anyone can comment on whether it's worth getting AP2 for my Wyred4sound Dac2 DSD? Is the sound improvement significant?
still available :)
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