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Selling a pair of 90cm Rumi XLR cables with great reluctance. If not for a change to passive speakers, I would have kept this Amazing enveloping sound and grand presentation. Fully transformed my system and opened my eyes to what a XLR can do! You may refer to Silverfi's website for more reviews on Rumi cables which are highly rated! Reviews:...
Sold, thanks
As above, please pm me the condition and price to ship to Singapore. Thanks
Which dap has the greatest pairing synergy with fx850?
Anyone interested to sell this, please pm me your price and condition. Will be pairing this up with my w4s dac2 dsd .. I'll need this to be shipped to Singapore. Thanks
Selling a very mint condition isotek power cable. IEC connector and UK plug. Will be shipping from Singapore Any more details that u need to know, feel free to pm me.
haha already subscribed to this thread, looking forward to his USB cables! :D
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