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Cable sold! $125 for DAC only including shipping and PayPal fee's
Price drop! $160 including post and PayPal fees.
Check out Hifiman HE-400/500
Selling these two as they haven't had much use lately. Both work perfectly and are in great condition. I'm after $180 for both including shipping and PayPal fees. The items will be shipped by registered signed for only, i wont drop the price for a cheaper postage service.
All three have the single O ring. The fat bottle one is rounder.
Hey guys I've done a comparison between a few 5AR4/GZ34's i own. The one above, i brought around Christmas, the others below that i picked up last week. It's only a brief comparison but might help some people looking to buy one of these tubes... I'll ranks them first then explain my reasons below. 1, Philips 5AR4 (no other markings)2. fat bottle only marked with "5AR4 GZ34 USA"3. Mullard (code reads F33 89A1) The Philips i have seems to sound more refined, by this i mean...
Agree with your points about reviews. What I have found is you have to find a reviewer who you find hears similar to you or has similar taste. When looking for new gear I always check to see if Skylab has reviewed the gear I'm looking at because I feel as though he has similar taste to myself. Obviously this takes experience to work out which reviewers you can trust so it's not ideal when just starting out in the hobby.
+1 No one could sneak up on me in CS with my Q701 :) They really give you a huge advantage!
 Thanks again. Yep I'll be doing my research that's for sure  it took me about 4 months to decide what $1000+ headphone i wanted lol.
Cheers for the reply :) By that do you mean they have a different overall signature to each other? Any recommendations on brands/nos or new with the 6SN7 tubes? If i can get a better synergy with my WA-6 and LCD-2 by tube rolling for the time being that would be awesome! :)
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