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  I just had to share this picture with you guys. This is my first time hearing the HD800 through HDVA 600 a few months back in a music store in Rotterdam. I haven't had a chance to try them out until then and you can clearly see that I'm blown away. If I just had the chance to listen to them again... :( They are not available for try-outs in any store where I live (Serbia) and I'm not financially capable of buying them.
Great review! These seem so far away from the HD650, HD800 etc. I guess they want in on the whole mobile headphones deal. 
 Wish I had a library like that. That's a pretty nice way of finding new music!
 Yea, a step by step thing I guess. It's a bit hard to get newer CDs where I live. I bought a few of them of Amazon and than the shipping comes out to like $10. 
My music is mostly illegal, which I am not proud of. If I really like the song and would like to support the artist, I go ahead and buy it which is more frequent now. I own a few CDs and would like to expand my collection as I really like the physical media. 
Just finished listening to a couple albums:   2014 Forest Hills Drive by J. Cole (fav. Wet Dreamz, Apparently) Adventure by Madeon (fav. Innocence,  Home) Holy Fire by Foals (fav. My Number) You Haunt Me by Sir Sly (fav. Inferno) IV by Bravestation (fav. Ancient Kids)   Liked all of these with the exception of 2014 Forest Hills Drive where I didn't like a lot of songs.
I broke the winder literally the first day I got them. Mine snapped where the screw comes together with the plastic from the other side. I don't see the purpose of it anyways...
I prefer 202s to 201s. I don't think it's the sound I don't like on the 201s, but the build quality. They feel clunky and way too plasticy. 202s are made from higher quality plastic and feel real sturdy. They clamp too my head to much, but that's a personal problem of mine (I have a huge head). 
I owned these since 2011. They took a lot of beating, I was carrying them everywhere. I snapped my cable in half with a chair leg so I got that replaced and the pads are scratched a lot, but they still work and still sound great. 8/10 would recommend.
Hey, thanks for replying. My maximum budget is around 100$. I like a relativly netrual sound, flat My source is a Hackintosh with Fidelia playing 16-bit FLAC files. I don't have a DAC to get the maximum out of the headphones, but I plan on buying it in the future. Thanks!
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