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Do you use the sharp or smooth filter?
I have the Questyle CMA800R that I can bring along if you guys are interested.  Perhaps I can add it into somebody else's setup.
I'm looking forward to it!
I'm not sure if many people have heard the amp.  There's definitely hype after the review from project86 though, at least from me lol
 I look forward to reading it. I felt the same way when I compared them.  Couldn't that be from using the wood care kit though?
His original review was posted August of 2012.  I'm not sure which revision he had for that review.  I see angled connectors so must be LCD-2.2?  I guess the newer ones are LCD-2.3 but there are no visible differences?   It's on innerfidelity in the comments of his new AKG K812 review.
You're correct, he is commenting on personal preference with regards to the LCD-3 and SR009.  I'm more interested in his impressions of the current production LCD-2 and why it warrants a whole new review.
I thought this was an interesting quote from Tyll yesterday, "The current production LCD-2 sounds different to me than previous versions--no comment review coming.  I think the LCD-3 may be the most pleasurable $1000+ headphone...but it's because I can't afford the Stax 009 and HeadAmp Blue Hawaii."
I added it to my calendar a while back but I don't think I ever confirmed.  I'll be there.
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