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Oh, sorry for being unclear, it's an LCD2.2.  It does not have fazors, which is why I put the C for classic.  I can add pictures tonight.
Hey guys, I'm selling off my LCD-2C.  I'm really sad to part with them.  They were my favorite headphone before I purchased an LCD-3 but it's time to move on now.  Send me a PM if you're interested.  Buyer pays shipping and paypal fee/ gift.
I shipped the HE560 to keanex on Friday 8/15.  There were already some scratches on the wooden box when I received it.  I packaged it up with the foam so hopefully there aren't any more scratches by the time it gets to keanex.  I had a little bit of time to compare it to my LCD-3C. The soundstaging was pretty cool.  It really surrounds you.  LCD-3 puts it in front of you while this was like being on stage.  It doesn't have the LCD-3 bass which is unfortunate in my...
Hey guys I noticed some RK60 tubes with adapters for sale on ebay http://www.ebay.com/itm/RK60-1641-Vacuum-Tube-With-Tube-Adapter-To-Use-As-5U4G-/301251841309?pt=Vintage_Electronics_R2&hash=item4624024d1d
Hey guys,   I'm selling because I prefer the Phillips 5R4GYS rectifier in my WA22.  I figure there's no point in leaving this nice tube sitting on the shelf when somebody else can be enjoying it.   Buyer pays shipping and paypal/ gift.
Hey guys, I'm selling a 7 month old Yulong DA8.  It has been kept in excellent condition.  It really just sits in place so it looks like new.  Unfortunately I don't have the original packaging but it will be packed up well when I ship.  Just looking for a quick sale. Buyer pays shipping and paypal fees/ gift.
Hey guys, I'm selling a barely used Beyerdynamic T1 headphone.  I prefer the sound of the LCD2 and now that I have the LCD3 I don't think I'll ever use these.  I'm just looking to make a quick sale.  The headphone is in fantastic condition.  Buyer pays shipping and paypal fee/gift.
HD800 in mint condition, hardly used. 
I spoke with Audeze on the phone today. They said the service they are providing to add fazors to existing headphones is being discontinued due to lack of interest.  Just wanted to give everyone a heads up.
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