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Totally agree on those points! But I think most new comers are mentioning the lineout thing mainly due to the concerns of whether Hugo amp is adequate enough to drive those commonly recognized "hard-to-drive" headphones such as HD800. If it were to drive "easy-to-drive" ones such as Z1000, you would not need an extra amp in the first place and you would not need any pure lineout as well. I have not yet have a chance to try the Hugo but worst case will be such that knowing...
Thanks! Got your point. Using hugo to drive passive speaker is very wise.
Hi alubis, the term "power amp" does refer to the headphone amp such as phonitor, is my understanding correct? But those amps also have preamp function. Actually my point is that I am quite uncertain that whether an external amp is needed to accompany hugo to drive hd800? If it is still needed, then shall I use that crossfeed function to connect?
Thanks! Knowing this would be a great relief. I will try to dig those posts out.
Thanks kkcc. If no bypass, then the signal will go through unnecessary amp section inside the hugo, causing negative impact on sound quality... Isn't it? By the way, how would you compare hd800 with hugo output versus wa22 output?
Hi Hugo owners, just wondering whether the RCA output is true line-out that bypasses amp section or just set the amp to the highest volume, as AK240 do? Anyone who use Hugo as a DAC only and connect to an amp through RCA can answer this question? Thanks you guys!
Thanks formula1. I will check that out.
But I think if you got hugo and hdvd800, you can connect both by RCA and bypass the volume control section of hugo. In such setup, I do think it should sound better than hdvd800 or hugo combo alone. This will be a great dac + a great amp. Isn't it ?
Agree that hdvd800 is a better amp by a far margin than hugo or ifi dad. And for hd800, amp is a very important section. I will take hdvd800 I think. Thanks Al for the suggestion and help. I think thin is quite a nature of hd800, and cable change and go balanced mode can both somehow change its signature a bit.
Yes, one reason that I am prone to hdvd800 is because it runs balanced mode. Ak pef11 is way too expensive... And I am not sure how it runs, since ak240 actually does not have a true line out.
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