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I find the AKG K550 sound very similar.
Okay, so I received my second pair of JVC HA-S500 and as promised I will share my experiences regarding burn in.   I've had pair A for 5 weeks. I've listened to them for roughly 4 hours every weekday, a lot more on the weekends. I'd estimate I've got at least 150 hours on them. Pair B arrived two days ago. I marked the old pair "A" and the new pair with a "B" by using a small piece of masking tape on the driver housing, beneath the pads, without covering up any ports...
I've mentioned this on a few other Shure IEM threads but if anyone's not happy with the stock tips I recommend Klispch Gels. Personally I get a better seal than the olives or foams, they're not as long so the drivers sit closer to the ears and the casing is more flush. They're more comfortable too, thanks to the slight oval shape. I like large.
Anyway, I'm still very disappointed with the Adidas pads. I really wish they would sound and feel as good as they look. I think if JVC made blue versions of the stock pads and changed to replaceable cables then these headphones would become my absolute favourite set.
It will never be an objective test, no matter how good my intentions are. Though I plan to recruit someone's assitance and attempt to repeteadly identify the 'fresh' pair from the 'burned' pair using only my ears in a blind a/b test, and though I will endeavour to dedicate an awful chunk of time to critical listening, trying to identify any differences between the two pairs, the result will always be determined by what my subjective ears and brain can appreciate. When I...
I won't burn it in 24/7 but I will continue to use it every day, and I'll report my findings.
I got mine last week and I love them! I received the HD25 Adidas pleather pads this morning and I'm honestly disappointed. They feel very cheap compared to the stock pads, they're not as comfortable and they sound less open. I think the material isn't as good, the hole is too small, and the diffuser is too dense. It's a shame because they look very cool. Sorry Doc. However I have bought a second jvc ha-s500 which will be arriving next month, and I'll be able to do a...
How do you guys store your 550? I removed the plastic mould from the box and store them flat inside, so you can admire them through the box window. I normally throw the box away but this one is pretty nice and heavy duty, it might as well function as a case. I don't want to put it on a hanger/stand because I'm worried about marking the foam on the inside of the headband.
I used my Tiamat 7.1 straight from my MOBO for about a week. When I upgraded to a dedicated sound card the difference was huge. It may seem obvious, but have a look at the controller unit and make sure all channels have their volume set appropriately, you might have some muted. You might also want to check it's not a software issue (windows sound settings or mobo drivers). Finally, I recommend plugging the usb cable into a power supply, you will get a lot of grain and...
The SE215 do not have filters. The special edition comes with foam tips with built in wax guards (none of my other Shure IEMs came with these) but neither version has any sort of filter/damper. The difference in sound comes from the drivers.
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