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Or you could save 1k and go with the schiit lyr and bifrost which I hear pairs well with the HD800 and then use that extra 1k to get the lcd2
I was using my Schiit Lyr today and noticed some burn marks on the tubes I am using. They are the stock GE 6BZ7.     Is this normal? I read elsewhere that this could be a faulty driver tube or that it is absorbing oxygen that is inside the tube causing the top to darken.   What should I do?
+1   The bag that ships with it is great for protection around the house however bringing the mad dog headphones with you on the go requires a more sturdy and durable case
The Asus Xonar Essence ST is all I have at the moment
My Mad Dog headphones arrived today and I must say that I am extremely satisfied with my purchase. I paid for the cheapest shipping and they arrived in four days from across the country!   They are an excellent upgrade to the beats by dr. dre which I was unfortunately using prior to these arriving. These are very neutral and open sounding and the lower end is not as muddy as the beats. I am expecting the bifrost and lyr from Schiit to arrive some time next week so I...
I checked out ebay and it seems like Mercedesman is selling many different variants of these tubes. Some were made in different years, different places, or have slightly different names such as "sweet tone" or "sweet nos." Is there a difference, or are they all essentially the same tube?
For those that are listening to these on the Schiit Lyr, what tubes do you use/recommend? I've heard that the stock tubes are not the greatest and wanted to know if I should purchase any other tubes for the Lyr
Any opinions on getting the Mad Dog by Mr. Speakers with the magni modi stack? I don't think that these headphones are entirely closed however they look extremely comfortable and people seem to love the sound
I have considered closed headphones although I'm really intrigued by the orthodynamics and the sound signature that they have. I might end up getting something like the momentum and then the magni/modi stack.   My headphones at the moment are sadly the beats so anything should really be an upgrade for me.   Are there any other closed headphone recommendations? 
I am heading off to college in a couple of months and I am interested in purchasing a nice set of headphones before I go. At the moment I have been considering the HE-400 with some sort of cheap amp/dac to pair with it such as a Fiio product or a JDS Labs Cmoy.    I will be listening to apple lossless files off of my laptop so I need an amp that can connect to either a headphone out port or preferably a usb port. For genres I enjoy listening mainly to jazz along with...
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