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No. I would like to see it! I'm sure I would have to go through a hundred pages just to find it lol
i have the asgard 2 paired up with an HRT music streamer 2+. it sounds pretty good to me
No I haven't. I wonder which is a more fun headphone between the fostex 600 or the lcd2?
And discontinued. Not an option even I wanted to try them. Grados hurt my skull. Do not like
What do you find to be the best headphones for metal? I'm a morbid angel, aeon, dimmu borgir, behemoth kind of dude.
I'm still here.
that thread is all over the place. according to the op's graph chart... the fostex th600's are the best for metal but not one post mentions the headphones. weird...
according to the chart from the first post... the Fostex TH600's are the best cans for metal. i read through every post in this thread, and not once we're they mentioned! i currently own the Denon AH-D7100's and i hate for metal. im looking for a can with solid kick drum with authority! not to dark or your face fun headphone
still havent found the perfect can for metal. still blows my mind that people recommend grado's for metal. bass is to weak and the hi's will make your brains leak out of your nostrils. seriously... what cans under $1000 are great for metal? like... strong kick drum with authority. a fun headphone. thanx
sum it up quick... sounds like a $175 headphone. Denon should be ashamed of themselves. i bought in to the "they need significant burn in time", and didnt return them in a timely manner. now im stuck with them. im majorly disappointed with these headphones. they're going on ebay this week. hopefully, i can find a sucker like me and hope like hell i can almost get half of what i paid for them.   anyways... i had to vent. to any and all that might be remotely interested in...
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