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I also don't like to compromise. This is a tough call
Well... I spent too much on the westone's and the wife would pitch a fit of I went too crazy lol. Not sure, I'd like to keep it under $200
I'm looking for some headphones good for metal that has authorative bass that doesn't sound muddy. My Westone W4's are way too neutral. Looking for a fun sound. I use a SanDisk zip clip sport. Any suggestions?
These are in mint condition. Smoke free, broke in 100+ hours. Less than 5 hours listening time. I'm too busy to appreciate these. Comes with with stock cable and adapter also the original factory box.
No. I would like to see it! I'm sure I would have to go through a hundred pages just to find it lol
i have the asgard 2 paired up with an HRT music streamer 2+. it sounds pretty good to me
No I haven't. I wonder which is a more fun headphone between the fostex 600 or the lcd2?
And discontinued. Not an option even I wanted to try them. Grados hurt my skull. Do not like
What do you find to be the best headphones for metal? I'm a morbid angel, aeon, dimmu borgir, behemoth kind of dude.
I'm still here.
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