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I live in tokyo haha
Ok, tried a pair of Kliipsch too, and it is definitely not a problem with the headphones. Also, I should not, I am playing the headphones a lot louder than I normally do, since Im testing them. So I guess I just never noticed all this before because of lower volume? I guess this thread has become pointless now though
I guess at this point, I am not really looking to significantly change all my equipment. I am probably still going to use an iphone 5, because the convenience and ease of spotfiy is intoxicating. So what I guess I need is a different pair of headphones that will work well with all my current stuff (meaning an iphone 5 and spotify). This doesnt seem to be the right pair
Although Im sorry to subject anyone to either of these songs, it would help maybe if I gave you some actual examples. one is Pom Poms by the Jonas Brothers on Spotify in supposed 320kbps, the other is a FLAC Jpop song i ripped myself, I guess I will upload it to a site, and I can PM the link to anyone who wants to help me out. Thanks again guys
To continue the conversation, I picked up a pair of SE215 SE (the asia ones) to compare. I definitely wouldnt say the songs Im having issues with sound better. Same issues. So I guess it really is my source songs. Im just surprised at how many of them sounds bad
I thought the iphone 5 was supposed to be at least decent. How can professional recordings be this bad?
Yah, I am thinking that these headphones are too nice for the kind of music I listen to. Which is to bad because they seem like great headphones. I just ordered a E11 and I am gonna try running them through that when it gets here. Otherwise I might switch them out for the SE215 which seems crazy to me haha
I wish I was more knowledgeable about terminology. The best way I can describe it is if you were to go get a $20 speaker from target, and turn it up really loud, sort of like the speaker is blown? It sounds muddied (staticy?), it almost sounds like it is a low quality audio track, but they are flacs I ripped myself. They are the Asia version of the LEs. No EQs, just straight from iTunes and the music play on my iPhone 5.
Its cymbals that sounds the worst definitely, these are all flac though
Thanks for all the replies. I downloaded the samples, and man does it sound a lot better. Which of course just sucks, because most of the stuff I listen to I have no way of getting that kind of quality. So.... Does that mean I should just use crappier headphones? I guess what are the best IEMs for spotify and pop?
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