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Just like the title says. This is a great rectifier for Woo amps. Rich and clean sound!    Price includes fees and shipping to CONUS.
In this case, Lindsey is a he.
They are the original version.Shoot me a PM.
New-to-be Pagoda owner here! It should be shipped today! This'll be my first experience with a NOS design and I'm very excited to check it out! It's shipping with a stock tube and an inexpensive Russian substitute. Any of you fine gentlemen have a suggestion for another alternative that won't require me to refinance anything?! 
Was planning on bringing it! Mine has signal wiring upgrades as well as some nice cap upgrades. Was that umbilical a custom order? Definitely smitten with mine as well!
Last edit to my lineup, I swear.   Amp: modded Woo WA6SE with a slew of tubes DACs: MHDT Pagoda, EE Minimax Plus Cans: PS1000, RS1i, Magnum V6, Alpha Prime, HD800S   The Woo can take two inputs so I'll feed both dacs into it for easy switching.    One of those DACs may be for sale, as well as the Grados and Magnum.
Hey Matrix owners, just stumbled onto this unit and I'm curious to know if anybody has experience with the "plus" version now being offered on Massdrop?   https://www.massdrop.com/buy/matrix-hpa-3u-dac-amp   Looks largely the same, but if memory serves they did this drop a few months back so maybe someone can offer some insight?
Selling a couple members of the herd!   All-but-NOS Grado RS1i - Will ship in original pizza box with Grado adapter. - $OLD! Chrome Grado PS1000 - Will ship in original pizza box with adapter, extension cable, and Turbulent Labs Onyx headband pad. Drivers and cable only 1 month old! - $800 Beautiful Magnum V6 in Rosewood cups - Will ship in soft case with Mod House Audio leather headband - $225 Hybrid maple/walnut-cupped SR225 - GS style cups, padded headband,...
New Posts  All Forums: