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Perhaps something like this?
I'll confess I've stocked up since they're falling by the wayside. I've got three: )
Yep. Do you feel like your headphones aren't getting loud enough? Based on the specs of your TMAs, they should be fine out of most portable sources.
1. Dragonfly   2. Fiio E17k or E11k   3. Schitt Fulla
What are you calling the output? The plug on the cable or the entry point into the ear cups?
128gb IPod 5.5 and JDS C5 into my 225e with 414 pads
I have the E100. If your ear canal isn't wide enough to get them down in there, you'll never hear the bass everyone raves about. Unfortunately given the fact that these are earbuds rather than IEMs, you don't have many options I remedy the situation...
DT990 will keep up with the speed in metal better then the 500. It's treble is much more aggressive however
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