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Selling a like new DUM cable from MrSpeakers. This one is 5' with a 4pin XLR termination.   My price includes fees. Shipping on buyer.
Taking trades?
Heard that!
I wouldn't agree with either of those. To me most Grados are fairly balanced and if anything, closer to mid centric. To me the only V shaped Grados are the GS1000i and the slightly more U-shaped PS1000.
Selling one 1/4" stereo and one 4pin XLR cable for MrSpeakers Alpha/Ether series headphones. $40 for one or $70 for both. My price includes fees, shipping on buyer.
Just gonna leave this here... http://www.head-fi.org/t/815148/grado-gs1000e-in-grado-mahogany-box Also, if any of you Gumby owners are interested, let's make a deal!
Selling a Like New GS1000e with a gorgeous Grado Display Box. Both items look new! My price includes fees, shipping on buyer. Only trade in interested in would be toward a Schiit Gumby.
New Posts  All Forums: