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Selling a few tubes that don't get used anymore:   Strong pair of Ken Rad VT-231: almost NOS, surface level crack in the base of one, but does not affect functionality at all. - $120 Cryoset Genalex 12AX7B: LNIB - $25 JJ 12AX7: Pristine, no box. - $10   My prices include fees and shipping.
Honestly I'm not sure. Maybe someone more experienced can lend a hand here?   Here's what mine look like:  
Well, I did not have both units at the same time so my assessment may not be 100% consistent… But, I'd say the Gumby threw a more realistic soundstage and had a slightly warmer tint over the stealth. Both were easy to listen to however, and the Stealth certainly was close in detail retrieval.
In other tubes amps I've used, I haven't enjoyed the BG Syl as much, but this guy is blowing me away! The word that comes to mind the most is rich. Top to bottom everything sounds so lush.
I see. I think I was thinking of the 6J5. Looks similar. May have to give the 6F8G a go!
Just wanted to drop a line in the pool on some new tubes I've got:   1. RCA 6SN7GTB black plate with coin base: pretty smokin' tube. Somewhat stereotypical tube sound - lush midrange, thick bottom, and a little sweet on top. Pairs nicely with a Genalex or Sylvania in front of it on my Icon HP8.   2. Sylvania Gold Brand JAN-CHS-6SN7WGT: these are bada$$. Most holographic tube I think I've ever used. Made it take my ALpha Primes off twice to check and see if someone had...
If I'm not mistaken, the 6F8G is a single triode which means you need two of them to work in place of a single 6SN7 right? For some amps (like my Icon HP8), I don't think that's an option. Just not enough real estate. 
Still waiting on the Sylvania Golds, but in the meantime I've got a nice pair of strong Ken Rad VT231s and RCA Coin Base 6SN7GTBs come in. So far I'm liking the richness of the RCA a little better than the KR. I've yet to pick up on the delicious low end that KR owners rave about... Maybe burn in will change that?
Congrats man! The RS2e represents a great value. I'm sure you'll enjoy!
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