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Do they come with all accessories?
Haha that was a thought that occurred to me also!
Sorry, I know that there wasn't an i series. I thought that the 'i' was synonymous with the pre-e chromed housings. Woops!
Are low numbers better?
New PS1ki owner checking in. If you'd asked me three years ago when my head-fi journey began if I'd ever join a club like this, I'd have told you to quit playing! And here I am with SN 1252!  
Sorry, I can't comment on the different plates as I've never had both to compare. 
My mistake. It should be JRP
The Mullards are gonna be a little warmer as would a Telefunken. My highest recommendation goes for the Raytheon JRC 6AK5 though. Those are such an awesome little tube, and they don't cost an arm and a leg!
Haha, well I'm only about an hour in, but so far they are just what you'd expect - the best version of Grado sound I've heard. Take the low end from the GH1, midrange of the RS1, and an unmatched level of detail, wrap it all up in a big-***** metal mushroom and you've got it! They pair really well with my WA7tp - making me feel very good about deciding to keep the all-in-one rather than worry about a separate DAC. You guys keep your eyes peeled, after a few days of PS1k,...
My cool cup runneth over!
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