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Don't want to get contentious either (Don't wanna fight!;) but.....regardless whether you like his music or not, Pat Metheny is as intelligent, complex, and a true virtuoso of his instrument as ANY, Jazz or whatever genre, musician that's played music, period.  I don't even like a lot of what he's done, but the dude's a colossal talent, can't be denied.  I'm not sure I'd even call his music Jazz at this point.  I mean, just 'cause a band plays instrumentals and improvises...
Your description of smooth jazz is spot-on!  The biggest problem about this genre and labeling in general is that while your description is pretty much what the general public thinks when they hear the words 'smooth jazz', there's a gray area where a lot (too many) bands get lumped into this category.  This 'gray area' is the place between Fusion and smooth, 2 musics/genres that couldn't be further apart and yet more often than not, they're linked.  It would take a bit of...
RIP Charlie Haden.
I care so much that I've never watched a minute of the fukakta documentary! BTW, didn't you declare that you were withdrawing from any further dialog about it? Ah, I get it, you're one of those internet guys that's always got to get the last word in. Please, I can't wait to hear more outrage about the disgraceful TV show! The floor's all yours!.
 Whatever.  I still think the use of the word disgraceful is an exaggeration but really, who cares? Ken Burns: Jazz is available on Netflix.
Calling Ken Burns Jazz documentary 'disgraceful' because it neglected to focus on European Jazz seems harsh. From what I've read, for as long as it was, it left out quite a bit like Latin Jazz, Fusion, and just about everything that happened after the 70's! It's a great way for a novice/beginner to get a lot of exposure and info about Jazz!
Dee Dee Bridgewater - J'ai Deux Amours   Dee Dee lived in France for some time and has regularly featured French tunes on her recordings but I'm pretty sure this is her only completely French album.  If you haven't heard her before, she's one of the finest Jazz vocalists.  One of my favorites of hers would be 'This Is new', Killa!  Also her tribute to Billie Holiday; 'To Billie With Love...' is sensational!
OK, I'm back to my computer so my posts should make more sense!;)  Mac, for me it's simple, if one loves music one should want to hear it sounding at its best.  When I was younger I was into switching gear frequently but as I got older I settled down with a system that sounds great and now I mostly spend my money on music!  Don't get me wrong, and I make this point for the OP, I'm not bored by the gear, but my interest ebbs and flows.  But way before I ever got into the...
Plz disregard my last post, tried editing and it got garbled! Maybe I'll try again from my computer instead of using my phone!
I've been into this 'good sound' hobby for decades. I've accumulated 15 -20k worth of gear and plateued yrs ago. Here's a few things that are truisms to me. The amount on of he term gear-head is someone who spends more money on gear than music (always seems counter intuitive to me and yet there can be no doubt that gear heads have existed since the advent of the hobby!).
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