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RIP Larry Coryell.
RIP Al Jarreau
Audio truths 101 - NOTHING in the audio chain is more susceptible to vibration than a turntable.  You should NEVER put a TT on top of another piece of gear.  Micro vibrations, heat...Here's something you can try easily; listen to your TT where you have it now, and than place it elsewhere and give it a listen, you may be pleasantly surprised.  But even if yr not I'd strongly recommend moving the TT!
Compared to the E12/E12A, the A5 hasn't generated anywhere near the 'buzz' of it's predecessor's. Leaves me wondering if, as an E12 owner, would getting an A5 be considered a move up or a lateral?
Do you/have you tried the flip- mod (left in the right ear, right in the left ear)? If not, I strongly recommend it.
Been using an E12 with my classic since it (E12) was introduced. No dac, and it sounds great! A Fiio L9 connector (or its equivalent) is a must though.
There's another A5 thread.
Really looking for a detailed comparison between the A5 and the original E12.  So far in this thread I've read totally opposite impressions of the E12; strident vs. warm, so I'd like to see more info.  I use my E12 with UE TF10's and HD600's and am very happy with what I hear.  I'll keep a lookout, I'm sure the answers are forthcoming!
I'm gonna hold out for a free floating platter that plays records via a laser!;)
Jazz is an awfully small word for a truly vast body of music.  We could start a never-ending dialog as to what is and isn't Jazz.  I find it infinitely easier to simply state what I like and dislike.  
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