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"...barely any low end." TF10's are not bass-lite, sounds like something's not working properly.
Simplest solution for dealing with excessive cables are small tie-wraps! Available in any hardware store. Loop 'em and wrap 'em! I've used them for years in my audio, video, and computer rigs. I've always been obsessive about cable 'spaghetti' mess, hate it! Tie-wraps keep everything tight and neat.
Speaking of Joe Henderson, Trombonist Conrad Herwig has been doing 'The Latin Side Of....' various artists (Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, John Coltrane, Wayne Shorter) recordings, usually live sets, where he interprets classic tunes from their repertoire from a Latin Jazz point of view.  Excellent stuff!  His latest is dedicated to Joe Hendersons' music!   Another one I'm looking forward to is the yet-to-be-released Dave Liebman Big Band Tribute to Wayne Shorter!
I once mentioned that I use N E12/IP 160GB Classic/UE TF10 combo and discord chimed in with the exact same tired opinion. The fact that a) I'm bypassing the inferior IP amp with the superior E12 and b) more importantly, I clearly HEAR superior sound I opted not to bother answering him at that time. Like he says; why bother? And yet, he continuously tries to discourage E12 users with his 'scientific' opinion. You have to wonder why HE'S bothering.
I have a 100W Music Reference RM9 tube amp, an Audio Research LS15 tube preamp, and Spendor SP100's. The music sounds glorious! The 'noise' you guys are harping about is inaudible. If you're ever in Palm Beach Florida you're welcome to come over and hear for yourself!
I understand that theoretically one doesn't need tons of power. But I've always subscribed to that saying; "better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it"
My favorite work by Hans Zimmer is the soundtrack to Inception. A powerful and simply massive music that sounds better and better as you turn up the volume!
I have a 5.5 AND a 160GB classic. I also think my classic sounds better than my 5.5. From what I've read though, the 5.5 is supposed to be sonically superior because it has a better DAC. Different strokes for different folks I guess!
Jeff Porcaro was amazing! If you haven't heard Los Lobotomys, RUN, don't walk and get it! Classic. Of course, Simon Phillips, his replacement in Toto (although he's left the band after many, many years to concentrate on his group; Protocol) is a straight up monsta! Two of the greatest drummers on the planet come from the Latino side of the street; Horacio 'El Negro' Hernandez and Dafnis Prieto. Dennis Chambers Vinnie Colaiuta Dave Weckl Billy Cobham I guess you could...
I agree about '4 & More'.  Miles released TWO albums from this concert, the other being 'My Funny Valentine'.  4 & More featured the more upbeat tunes while 'Valentine' is primarily made up of the ballads.  The thought just occurred to me that these 2 records, if seen together as one actual double album would historically, be Miles' 1st double!;)  Mixing up the cuts from the 2 albums, in a playlist set to 'random', makes for a helluva listen!
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