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 Nope, their new one is called 'Culcha Vulcha'!  
Great week for those of us into a more electric form of Jazz with new killa releases from Snarky Puppy, Oz Noy, Dean Brown, and the Yellowjackets!
I'll just state the obvious, do YOU hear benefits?  I also use my E12 with my 600's.  I read an opinion (I think on this thread somewhere, or maybe over on the HD600 thread) that the low gain setting has less distortion.  I don't hear any so I prefer the more powerful setting.
IMO, Snarky Puppy's PEAK record is Ground Up!  This one and the ones prior to it all have that Fusion/Son Of The Brecker Bros.'feel' to them.  After Ground Up they started doing records with vocals, which are hit & miss for me, and records that have a more 'World' music sound to them.  My personal preference will always be for the more harder edged Funk/Fusion material!  If you're into this type of music you may also want to check out The Motet & The Funky Knuckles!
 IMO Christian McBride is a modern day legend right now!  Such a prolific musician, he's been at the top of his game for awhile now.  I own so many records with him as a sideman but one of my absolute favorites would be the live record he recorded with Sting; All This Time, the ONLY record I know of recorded on 9/11/01.  I saw the documentary of this record, in it Sting holds a group meeting to discuss the events of the day and whether or not they should cancel the show...
If you're a fan of Fourplay, I assume you already own Fourplay bassist Nathan East's solo record that he released this year? I'm not a fan of 'smooth' Jazz, but this record's a keeper. Highly recommended!
 I've owned this since it was 1st released, it's historic!  For a more modern take I'd very highly recommend the Fort Apache Band (feat. founding members Andy & Jerry Gonzalez from Grupo Folklorico).  Try Obatala and Rumba Para Monk, terrific records!
Audio gear - can be expensive Satisfaction of hearing my music at it's best - priceless!!!;)
Speaking of Miles, how cool is hearing a piece from one of my absolute favorite Miles Davis recording; Ascenseur Pour Lechafaud, so often on that otherwise lame Matthew McCounehay Lincoln commercial!?  I own it on LP AND CD but have so rarely heard it anywhere but at home!
New Posts  All Forums: