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I'm gonna hold out for a free floating platter that plays records via a laser!;)
Jazz is an awfully small word for a truly vast body of music.  We could start a never-ending dialog as to what is and isn't Jazz.  I find it infinitely easier to simply state what I like and dislike.  
 Outstanding record!  But I count at least 5 musicians in that mix!  3 = trio, 5 = quintet!;)
One more from my absolutely favorite Sergio Mendes record!
CTI California Concert was the very 1st Jazz record I ever bought!  Primarily due to my just having gotten into Billy Cobham from his involvement with Dreams.  Could you imagine, I'd never heard of Freddie Hubbard, Ron Carter, Stanley Turrentine, George Benson, Airto, Hubert Laws, or Hank Crawford.  I own so many records by all these guys now!  Hard to believe Billy Cobham's creative output during the early 70's.  Besides practically being the CTI 'house' drummer, which...
  How 'bout some white!?;)
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