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same time for about 10-15 days, just the time to test and sell the 32Ohm. The 600's are smoother and more refined in the top. Capable of playing at louder volumes without being harsh or sibilant and with more controlled bass.That is only if powered with an amp that can drive 600 Ohm well. I had an OTL similar to the BH Crack, a Burson 160D and an A1 clone Gold at that time. Paired with the Burson the 32Ohm were more lively and sounded better than the 600, with the OTL...
Actual:   1- HifimanHE6 2- BeyerdynamicT1 3- Fostex T50RP modded 4- another T50RP modded 5- Etymotic ER4 6- Superlux 681 EVo   SOLD everything that was below or equal to T50RP modded   1- HD650 2- DT880 600Ohm 3- DT880 32 Ohm 4- Fidelio X1 5- Dt990 pro 6- Dt770 7- K701
Thanks Aero Dynamic
ok, sorry.
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