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I am asking a simple question.   What would be the recommended headphones under the following price range. I mean most neutral sounding one, accuracy oriented and all, with great comfort in mind. Closed Back :)   Within ₹10000, ₹20000 and ₹30000 respectively.
Damn it, the DT-150 seems like a classic one, and I love that shape. Anyway, do kindly tell where to get this one, available on Amazon for a ridiculous 34k, and not available anywhere else in any Indian online retails site, LOL.
DT-150 is considered an upgrade over 770 Pro 32? Most dislike that design but I rather like it, much more practical ear cup design than rounded ones I think, unless one has rounded ears too :p
Did you ever use 770 Pro?
Are those connectors or those Rean and all available online anywhere? Good quality ones I mean?
Does any one of you own a Sony 7506 here? Compared to the DT770 how would you rate the Sony?
Guys Beyer replied about the cost of replacing the cable of my DT770. Should I say yes or no? The charge seems incredibly high for me. 2500 rupees sounds ridiculous!
Beyer India support is kinda funny! Mr. Shaik Ahmed replies to one query and doesn't respond top others, valid queries I mean, don't have time to ask nonsense questions anyway. At least for after sales support's sake won't recommend Beyer to anyone.
Okay mate thanks. Wish there was a place in Calcutta itself. I have contacted Mr. Ahmed regarding this already but he hasn't replied back.
Two days ago I accidentally damaged my DT770's 3.5 mm gold plated audio socket. Really feeling terrible about this. But this could be changed right? I already applied the plyer method and it obviously is straightened out a bit, but not completely, never gonna be. At the same time the front socket the cabinet (which was bought just two days before, 500R) popped out from its place a little too. The headphone cable got wrapped in my leg (I wish this headphone had a very short...
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