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 Of course it's good, it's amorphis
 Maybe consider ZMF stuff ? I'm very happy with my ZMF Vibros that I bought especially to be the quietest possible, and they are VERY quiet.
 4/5 Would be my score too. Very solid but has some flaws.
 Really great and fresh sounding. Many thanks for the recommandation.
 Ok I'm sorry but I'm out. I just feel really anxious about taking the bus with 1.5k$ in audio equipment and maybe getting lost on the south shore. Could we postpone and do it at the Grande Bibliothèque next time? I think more people could come and it would be much more convenient for many. 
btw we will need extra power bars and extension cables.
 Ah man, that would have been great. Don't worry though.
Man if you don't come I'll have nobody to talk fountain pens to.
Sounds good to me. Any way to identify ourselves?
3 way cab?
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