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Definitely interested in a meet this year again.
Hi! I'm having trouble with the neutron music player. I'm getting quite a high amount of artifacts in the form of scratch/popping/cracking.   I don't use the EQ, the gain, anything except 64bit, dither and audiophile resampling.   Phone is Nexus 5 4.4.2 and headphones are V-Moda M100   No problem at all on Poweramp (trial) or the regular google player.   EDIT: Anybody had similar issues?
They definitely don't lack excitement and energy. They definitely are bass heavy though.
So for the S, even though it's dual mono, it's still gonna be 7Vrms?
Because these are mobile headphones. The DT770 are wayy too big to carry around.
It's also marketing. It creates hype. The fact that their project took 10 hours to reach their funding minimum is/will be talked around technology websites. People waiting for the product talks about it to their friends and such. It's a GREAT way to start a medium sized project. It's useless for bigger things, and not very appealing for small projects, but for things like these, it's perfect.
The M-100 will sound better but they are less comfy. You'll get as much bass, but more mids and highs and better detail.
Don't want to get into this conversation but measurements =/= opinions by the very definition of what a measurement is.
Can you explain me where you see those things. I don't have the knowledge to see those conclusions from the graphs, so if you have the time, I'd like to know.
You know what's funny about the TH900? They measure VERY similarly to the M-100.
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