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 Is it really that surprising? Larry is the designer, the other ones are business people that are in there to make money, especially after a campaign that was this successful. Money brings greed, with more money, more greed. Don't worry, the only thing that matter is if the product will be good and considering the Geek Out sounds good, we shouldn't worry too much.
And I get almost no news about my Sfi either.
Nexus 5 sounds really bad.   Only way to make it decent is cranking up Neutron to the maximum of its dithering/upsampling capacities as well as changing the driver.   I want a moto X pretty bad, apparently it sound really good. Same thing for the new Z3 too.
It depends, I ordered a Pulse Sfi, since it's a model that won't be available in the future, it could retain a pretty good value. But, I don't expect to sell it.Also, the fi upgrade is 600$ now? Makes me happy I got it when I could, it was somewhere around 200$ when it was announced.
Well, just received my HE500, paid 450$, open box new.   They sound really well, but tbh I'm still waiting for my Geek Pulse Sfi to arrive to have something super powerful for these.
You mean me and my Pulse Sfi will be super special snowflakes???NICE!
Definitely interested in a meet this year again.
Hi! I'm having trouble with the neutron music player. I'm getting quite a high amount of artifacts in the form of scratch/popping/cracking.   I don't use the EQ, the gain, anything except 64bit, dither and audiophile resampling.   Phone is Nexus 5 4.4.2 and headphones are V-Moda M100   No problem at all on Poweramp (trial) or the regular google player.   EDIT: Anybody had similar issues?
They definitely don't lack excitement and energy. They definitely are bass heavy though.
So for the S, even though it's dual mono, it's still gonna be 7Vrms?
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