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 Zach is also doing mod directly on the driver on the Blackwood and Omni edition. He dissambles the whole driver and does some magick on them to reduce the treble spike they are known for.
 I'm in the tour they do to try them, I will report back. I'll also have impressions on the ZMF Vibro since I ordered a pair through Massdrop recently as a closed pair for the more extreme stuff that annoys the girlfriend (HE-500 makes a ton of noise).
 I thought the Focal Spirit Pro lacked impact and soundstage. Comfort was an issue too. They were quite boring to my ears. 
Ohh I thought it was 500 posts AND ( 5 positive transactions OR bought from ZMF ). Anyway, if Canada can be included in the tour, I'd love to try them and post a long review.
I don't think I have enough posts D:
 Oh thanks for giving me an idea of how things are going.
I really can't wait to receive my pair. I'm sure it's gonna be amazing.   Free case and free cable for the first 25! That's pretty neat.I got a Vibro on order and I'm pretty sure I would have grabbed a Walnut Omni if I had the money.
FWIW I really like the grado ps500 with metal but I've heard they're the least grado-y headphones in the lineup.
I don't want to be that guy but I guess you just don't know much about the micros in the states. I've had a lot of the best beers in the world and most of them were from the states. Belgium, UK and Germany are great but they all are limited in a couple of styles that are their specialties. USA has its own specialties (more than any country) but also does outside styles with great success.Micros like Russian River, cigar city, hill Farmstead, Firestone Walker, Stone and...
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