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 It was on sale everywhere for a reason.
 Arghghghgh I can't wait to receive my pair 
 What? And it only powers headphones?
Detachable cable, less treble, more bass. If it keeps the same soundstage it could be a real great headphones.
 Tube complement could be a tube power supply?
They're discontinuing the HE-6?Would there be a replacement? The HE1k is NOT at all a replacement for the HE-6 from what I've heard.
I can bring this:   - Geek pulse Sfi - Hifiman he-500 - ZMF x Vibro
The Ragnarok IS a speaker amp. 60W into 8 ohms is definitely speaker territory.
 The Ragnarok is 10W per channel at 50 ohms. It will drive the HE-6 with more than enough headroom garanteed. I've heard the HE-6 out of a Mjollnir and it was really damn good.
Very end of august is good for me.
New Posts  All Forums: