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 Well, everything I've heard about the Xfi has been VERY positive. Not sure about the Vanilla Pulse though.I'm just out of patience now. I've been waiting since October 29th 2013, I was supposed to receive my Sfi last summer after an initial delivery estimate of March 2014. I've bought headphones in December 2014 because it was supposedly the last delay and I should have received it before Christmas. And then, it got delayed to March W1, then March W3, and now to the end...
 Same here, paid for the regular pulse on October 29th 2013!!! and then got the S and f and i upgrades right away.It's ridiculous a much newer variant gets priority.
It's getting pretty infuriating that they start to ship the infinity when they were supposed to start shipping the Sfi first. It seems they really don't care about the Sfi customers since it's not a product that they will produce regularly. Not once this variant has been mentioned in an official message from lhlabs in the last 6 months or more.
 If you've seen how they test the board, they plug it in the computer, check the graphs. 3 minutes seems more than enough if there isn't a problem with the board. I guess if there is an issue they just throw it away, you can't really mod these.
I get all that. But don't give yourself a one week delay and give people hopes if you know damn well you can't make it. The product might be mighty fine and very well engineered, but the logistical and customer service flaws at LHLabs are astounding.
So, third week of march came and went, and not a single word on the Geek Pulse Sfi.
what was delayed this time?
 Is it really that surprising? Larry is the designer, the other ones are business people that are in there to make money, especially after a campaign that was this successful. Money brings greed, with more money, more greed. Don't worry, the only thing that matter is if the product will be good and considering the Geek Out sounds good, we shouldn't worry too much.
And I get almost no news about my Sfi either.
Nexus 5 sounds really bad.   Only way to make it decent is cranking up Neutron to the maximum of its dithering/upsampling capacities as well as changing the driver.   I want a moto X pretty bad, apparently it sound really good. Same thing for the new Z3 too.
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