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Hi all,       For sale a PS Audio Sprout in  "as new "condition . The unit was only tested and then put back in the box. It was originally bought for a office set up which never happened .  For more pics/questions feel free to contact me .
"Atomic level clock "..not exactly "atomic watch " as you said it but ...it's there . Now that's no proof that is has anything to do with the battery  .Not even  you weren't able to properly explain what the hell this is and  probably only  Lotoo ppl know what they meant by it. I would bet on "let's  use some big words for commercial impact "  but , hey , that's just me. Now I will stop with this subject in this thread .
Well I was asking you to explain how the atomic watch and the battery usage are connected . I already told you what an atomic watch is and I don't believe it has a place in such device .Still maybe you know something I don't so please enlighten me.
Atomic watch built in ?! You mean like the ones that are updated by radio signals? And if so what does that have to do with how accurate the device measures the battery consumption ?
Thanks.  I have fiddled with foobar some more now and I have found the feature but the problem is now it will not output a separate cue file . Some ppl say that for wav it is embedded but without it  will not work on the C4 .
And for that you have installed an add on ? Because I have foobar and it doesn't seem to have this function.
Thanks. Still you forgot  a crucial piece of info , XLD  is MAC only.For WIN I have tried Mediamonkey and  Xilisoft audio converter which do not do the conversion to one file but only the other way around . I have also tried Xrecode II which does what I need but when I try to paly the file on to the C4 it will cause the unit to reboot. Here are the steps maybe someone will notice something I've done wrong .First convert flac->Wav with Jriver 19 than with xerecode I've used...
Could you please elaborate a bit ?
I can confirm the noise when playing from microSD cards. I have the C4 for a few years now but I have never tried using the microSD till a couple of  days ago; what a disappointment...... 
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