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Price drop 550->500 !
Thanks !
 If it's a 2012 unit I think the acquisition price was around 1000Eur ,right?  In my opinion that's your starting point . Deduct for usage and you will get a price.But there are people here that will ask more than 2000EUR for a similar unit.In the end probably  demand/offer will dictate the final price.
Most of my music files are .flac and I'm using Jriver media centre to play/convert. As for SD cards I have only one Sandisk 128GB but I have to buy some more . Any suggestions for "reliable " SD cards ?
Hey musicday. It's not such a capital problem because all my other files work absolutely fine  . I was curious if anyone here encountered a similar problem. As a solution I converted the files from wav to...wav and all's fine  so it doesn't seem to have anything to do with the machine. I use a 2014 unit.
I have an album that won't play at all . It's .wav , I have bought it like this but not only that wont play but will stop all playback so I have to reinsert card. Could anyone tell me what the problem might be?
You should use PMs for that sort of info.And now on topic I have the utmost respect for Dr Dre and all his work. GLWTS
Probably because are the Pro version.
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