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Where are you located?
I am trying to add the forum in the Windows rt version of tapatalk and it's not working. But I'm not sure yet if it's the app or the forum .
I've looked on Grado's web site and the "e" version  have this carved in the wood ; in your pictures the 'e'' is missing. I don't want to upset anyone but I'm just saying.
But did you found out what  is the difference between Gs1000 and the "i' version ?
I have opened mine (well not me actually but a very skilled friend of mine) in order to extend the holes in the case so normal coaxial cables would be fitted  . It was very frustrating for  when Colorfly support told me that only 1 ( ONE ) type of cable could be used . I've asked my friend  to take pictures because I wanted to make a thread about opening the C4 but unfortunately I don't have permissions yet .  But  not ramble too much , I think the only way to find the...
Yeah now ppl are making fun of us. But there could never be too much planning!
I also own a C4 for nearly a year now. Combined with a pair of Grado GS1000 sounds absolutely amaizing . Besides the primitive interface there is nothing bad to say about this portable player. I've read all 8 pages of this thread and some links to other thread and ,except for what I already mentioned bout the interface, all bad things said about build ,battery  etc are not true.
Hope so!!!I'm all in!  
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