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 If it's a 2012 unit I think the acquisition price was around 1000Eur ,right?  In my opinion that's your starting point . Deduct for usage and you will get a price.But there are people here that will ask more than 2000EUR for a similar unit.In the end probably  demand/offer will dictate the final price.
Most of my music files are .flac and I'm using Jriver media centre to play/convert. As for SD cards I have only one Sandisk 128GB but I have to buy some more . Any suggestions for "reliable " SD cards ?
Hey musicday. It's not such a capital problem because all my other files work absolutely fine  . I was curious if anyone here encountered a similar problem. As a solution I converted the files from wav to...wav and all's fine  so it doesn't seem to have anything to do with the machine. I use a 2014 unit.
I have an album that won't play at all . It's .wav , I have bought it like this but not only that wont play but will stop all playback so I have to reinsert card. Could anyone tell me what the problem might be?
You should use PMs for that sort of info.And now on topic I have the utmost respect for Dr Dre and all his work. GLWTS
Probably because are the Pro version.
Ofc. He has a warehouse full of them but he wont sell till Charles gets the price to 20k .
I really appreciate your honesty ! Imagine how I feel now as a potential buyer that sees this steep increase in price for basically the same hardware .   Either that guy doesn't care if he sells or not or he did that to artificially increase the price of the sh units....
So all the ones that got the player so far just went on a ....hunch?! And the ones expected to spit 10k for a new one ???!!
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